Reduction of Type 81 (C) Tan Sam BR reduced back to 11.0

I believe my title is self explainitory, but I’ll go into more detail.

Currently, the Type 81 (C) is in a bad state. Its current BR is at 11.3.

In my opinion this is incredibly disgraceful.

It is an IR based S.A.M. Rendering it inferior to other SPAA at a similar B.R

My other issue is with the efficiency, being .4 battle ranks lower than SPAA such as the Pantsir, Tor, FlaRakRad and many more, all being radar SPAAs with ranges being much larger, the smallest being the VT1 on the FlaRakRad (by 2km more), and the largest being by 10k, double of that of the Type 81.

The Type 81 (C) should have its battle rank reduced back to 11.0, where it is not overpowered, but also not incredibly gimped by competition and enemies.


Not at all, is very good as SPAA, just the BR that isn’t good, I mean, there’s nothing in 11.3 in Japanese tech-tree.

Some of the downside is the lack or searching radar but the distance of locking and firing is also some positive point.

Maybe the addition of the Type 11 SAM based on the Type 81 or Type 93.

In this case you’re comparing the Type 81 (C) with top Spaa that doesn’t need some auxiliary module like a fire control unit.


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And this one barely have downsides on the case of the missile itself, 6km for all aspects and 11km for rear aspect with IRCCM. I can be wrong but is the best IR missile in game currently.

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Now that you mention it, you are right.

I agree with this from a BR perspective but I also want another BR stretch for ground now that air has officially gone up to 13.0. It would be ok for it to stay at 11.3 if the top tier is 12.3, but right now it should be at 11.0. I also think ADATS should be down to 11.3, TOR to stay where it is and VT1s to go up. Although I do think they are no where close to PANTSIR.

Still has the 4km-ish limit when targeting helicopters. Perhaps not in contrast mode, but havent had luck locking helicopters on a clear background with that either.

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except for when you see heli near the ground. Especially when this heli is ka-52 hovering in 50m away from terrain and it’s literally invincible for you lol