Reduce the amount of players in Air RB matches in top tier

I completely agree with you. 10v10 matches for example, will deliver both sides of the fun. There will be the initial big fight between the two teams and after that whoever stays alive will have the chance to enjoy good long dogfights without having to deal with three enemies at a time.

I proposed a suggestion regarding a new mode for top tier, separate from this article

VOTE guys! Thank you!

our suggestion did not get passed to the developers :(

Wtf, damned ! This is the absolute priority, the air battle isnt playable at the moment… They dont care?

this is how top tier jet combat should be like in WT:

Not only does gaijin mainly care about whatever has the potential to make them money but they would probably be extremely opposed to a suggestion that would lose them money.

I’m pretty sure they like the 16v16 chaotic shitfests because it gives the wallet warriors a chance to get random missile kills in the middle of all the chaos. Take that out and their odds of getting kills plummets.
Which would cause them to get frustrated and quit. Which means less $$$$$$ for the snail. And at the end of the day, nothing else matters to them.


My Suggestion is

  • Large maps 2-6 Spawn points with limited slots

  • enough distance between bases to focus or 4v4 or 6v6

  • certain spawns for people who are squadded up so squads can face each other

  • after they finish their fights can move engage other players or ground targets

Or something similar, I remember losing battles to bombers because of ground targets wouldn’t mind seeing that back for ground strike aircraft

i would love the amount to be reduced at all tiers


a reworked Air RB would also make it possible to introduce the MiG-25

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We really need this asap this game is so boring right now…


I’m going to say no but mainly because limiting the amount of players does not fix the core issues with Top Tier Air RB. The furballing issue for example keeps happening due to how Air RB is designed on a fundamental level. Also Gaijin would likely implement this at all tiers not just Top Tier and let me say this playing a 6 v 6 air match at Tier III and Tier IV is not fun. Gaijin has a really bad habit of doing the “Monkey Paw”.

I believe that there is only two ways to fix this and that is

  1. Completely re-overhauling Air RB in a completely radical way
  2. Have multiple Air RB modes (e.g: a Permanent Air EC mode while the existing Air RB mode can be called “Death Match”), maybe some entirely new game modes (e.g: Counter Insurgency)

For more specific details on how i would fix Air RB noted on the first point above, here is the following

  • Have multiple main airfields (3 minimum) alongside double the amount of Auxiliary airfields
  • Limit the amount of players spawn on the airfield instead of limiting the total amount of players (to stick to the 3 main airfield example we can make it that there is a maximum of 8 players that can spawn per airfield for a total of 24 players), maybe even extending the limits to aircraft type too (one aircraft can only spawn in fighters while the other two can only spawn strike and/or bomber aircraft)
  • Allow respawning like in EC, Ground and Naval Battles
  • Have said airfields be spread apart if the map allows it and i’m talking about very far apart
  • Have all ground targets and bombing points be moved away from the main air to air engagement zones (the furballs typically happens over them for a bare minimum of all the time), though this change may not work sometimes due to how certain players act
  • More ground units and bombing points overall (Gaijin should also leave the light pillbox hitboxes alone but that’s beside the point)
  • Have bombable Radar installations (the specifics on why i want this is way too long to be properly written down so a tldr of this suggestion is mainly to add additional depth to Air RB as well as giving Strike aircraft another role to do)

Yeah. I ended up just not playing anymore because top tier is so unbelievably garbage right now.


It’s sad but I’m almost in the same situation, I love the game, I have the F15, the Su27 and the mirage 4K but the game mode is such a bore.

Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like a video game anymore, but more like a chaotic sandbox test environment in which you can test jets.

No semblance of game design, objectives or strategy, it’s just a big chaotic mess.


the skill required to get some kills in a top tier plane in the current clusterfuck meta is very low, you can piece together why the would want this “skilless” enviroment to continue, just give good missiles to a premium plane and they will e able to get a least a kill with it

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bumping this thread because i want gaijin to actually acknowledge this major issue with top tier arb


Once again this suggestion has not been passed to the developers despite the number of votes and views it has…


I assume the mods on these forums think they dictate how the game is played and what gets added?
Because why isn’t a post with this much attention and traction being forwarded to the devs for consideration.


coming back to top tier air rb after playing ground rb for a while.
I’d honestly rather pound my nuts flat, i dont see how anyone can enjoy this.

0 skill involved, just tunnelvision yourself to the first red nametag and spam missiles, and hope someone doesnt do the same to you

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Completely agree and its not even top br problems.
If you are in slow WW2 bomber/atacker - you are just free rp/sl piniata map targets so close together and right under the biggest concertation of enemy. So your “fun” gameplay is praying no one notice you on the way to target - then die second after reaching target or kilometers before even reaching it. Attackers here are in worst position low and slow.

Targets should be spread around map not wasting 70% of map space to nothing.
Mode+maps needs complete redesign. Or just bring back Air RB EC

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How many times did you engage in dogfight…I mean 1v1 oh wait you’re Russian main spamming rockets or tomcat user to people in the furr ball. And you’re complain bcz everyone will hide in the ground clutter till you show up coward.