Reduce the amount of players in Air RB matches in top tier

these people unironically saying top tier requires skill must be smoking their own carpets at home or something because they dont know what theyre talking about


We really need this , it’s baffling how gaijin still hasn’t added a new mode for AİR RB with playable player counts after so long.

16v16 with 1 spawn is a joke.


People avoid 5.7 because the balance is atrocious, and you will often have 4 useless planes on your team, or the other team.

It’s just not fun.


Also, the whole “matches are too big” thing happens at all BRs and not just at top tier. It ruins all jet and prop gameplay, and prevents any semblance of a 1v1 or small dogfight. You can’t fly and kill someone without 5 others joining you, or trying to kill you. It is a net negative experience. Matches always end in a steamroll.

I would be more fine with 16v16 if it wasn’t the only match size there is, I’ve only gotten 3 non 16v16 matches since it was added (excluding 5.7-6.3.)


Yeah… Except top tier is just that at this point with 16v16
No more can you apply tactical thinking like few years ago when it mattered actually
99% of times top tier air RB boils down to:

  1. Fly
  2. Steer towards center of map (can be skipped if you fly directly to center in first step)
  3. Fight
  4. If you’re lucky enough, fly back to base to refuel. If you’re not, “Return to hangar”
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat

That is VERY dependent on the tier.
AIM-9C/R-3R =/= AIM-7M/R-27ER
But I’m sure you already know that, right?


Theres 0 skill required in firing one of many missiles into a furball and killing an unsuspecting player whos already trying to dodge and focus on several other things.
Just like how no amount of skill can save you from 7+ enemies all spamming missiles and riding your ass because your team lost the coinflip furbal.

Having these hyper chaotic matches only takes AWAY from being able to actually use skill.
The only people ive seen that want these large match sizes to stay are the ones that rely on premiums and playing missile thunder. Because skilled players in smaller groups will NOT be dying to missiles. aside from the irccm perfect rear aspect 1km shots. even those can still be defended against.


We’re now looking at fighter aircraft with up to 10 modern, high performance air to air missiles with the introduction of the Su-27, and the upcoming (at some point) F/A-18. Imagining a 16v16 game full of those, that’s 160 missiles flying around per team. Its nice for the game to have cycles of fast and slow paced combat, but when you’re stuck with the breakneck speeds of current top tier with no relief it gets old and tiring very fast. I’d love to see 8v8 lobbies on standard maps, and 12v12 on EC maps


What are talking about? what are you smoking? please give me some then because i can’t understand your perspective…you enjoy getting rocket spammed? Enjoy having 5 minute matches?

I won’t judge you and your opinions but most of us want something more thrilling and tactical even…i would rather assist or help someone, even be a wingman or do special orders but your can’t because THERE IS NO TIME.

I wont take this mode from you but i don’t believe that you think Air RR is good with one TDM mode for the future, your just lying to yourself at this point.


the whole game mode needs a rework
honestly top tier needs to just be replaced with RB EC


Thats why if they add this they would probably make it more rewarding to kill someone because you have to actually use your fucking brain for once instead of swinging your missiles who knows where because all you can see is a shit ton of people stacked on each other.

Bro you literally asked for 16v16 and you are saying you dont want counter strike experience. 16v16 is literally the counter strike experience and it’s horrible.
16v16 is not realistic at all


To re-iterate in a single-post fashion:

The only reason I oppose reducing players is because there are two other solutions to solving peoples’ problems.

1- AI overhaul, this’ll allow for further gamemode advancements.
2- After the AI overhaul expanding PVE objectives in this PVPVE game is possible & would further fix the issues.

That is why I continue to support 16v16.

probable, but making changes to the AI takes time, ALOT of time. look at DCS most of the gameplay is based around PVE and yet their AI is far from perfect now compare that to War Thunder AI, which are just on a set path to bomb some ground tanks or arty. Look at the bots that Warthunder has [ did you see the bots on that new map on the dev server, THEY kept crashing because they didn’t have new set paths ] There is no AI in Warthunder it’s just a bunch of pathed NPCs. Think about the damn servers not only are there more players with more missiles but due to your solution the servers have to WORK THE DAMN AI, [how they behave, all their missiles and RADAR etc.] right now the closest fix to our issue with top tier air rb is lesser players we’re making it easy on gaijin. And by the way, I would love to have some sick AI PVE battles but War Thunder is far from it. there are many ways many suggestions that would work but this is gaijin, this is War Thunder so we gotta resort to the easiest solution


Sir, I’m not denying anyone anything. All I did was provide my perspective, then defend it against those that attacked it.

That is all.

Oh look, me supporting more game modes.
Those two things are required for more game modes, without them more game modes aren’t really possible.

So please edit your post to remove your final vastly incorrect sentence.

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except for the fact that in game the f15 is worse at bvr by a significant margin lol

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Gaijin is doing a survey on things to improve or implement to the game, I encourage you all to participate in it and write your ideas and concerns regarding the current state of Air RB:

This is what I wrote in my suggestion (don’t copy it, but feel free to draw from it):
The current Air RB gamemode needs a rework in order to accomodate fourth gen figher jets. Currently, all games devolve into a furball involving 32 jets, where it’s impossible to keep track of what’s going on. 32 jets with IRCCM missiles in a furball is not enjoyable at all, and it’s not the way fourth gen aircraft are supposed to fight. This also results in a snowballing effect where one team always completely decimates the other, leading to 1v10 situations. Also because of the furballs and the increased playercount, it’s impossible to engage in BVR or dogfights, as you’ll always have enemies interrupting you. BVR and dogfights is the most enjoyable way to fight with fourth gen aircraft. Currently the outcome of all engagements is random since you can’t possibly pay attention to so many enemy aircraft, there’s no skill expression.
Increasing map sizes is not enough to solve this, since the objectives are always concentrated in a small area in the middle of the map anyways. What we need is smaller teams, 8v8 maybe. We also need more airfields to take off from, not just one in the middle. Also objectives should be spread across the map, not just in the middle, this will disencourage the formation of furballs. With these implementations, Air RB will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


I hope they implement that before though. Its not something hard to program. They just have to reduce the number of max players.


a new hardcore mode like the one described in this video would be nice:
if anyone hasn’t submited his answer to the poll, i suggest you submit the hardcore mode

i think it might not be as easy as you think… fewer players per match means more matches overall on one gaming sever… i have the feeling that the problem is the overall server infrastructure… i think gaijin needs more servers in order to compensate the double amount of matches when the matchsizes are 8v8…

but i might also be wrong and the devs are just lazy :/

it may be more matches per server, but the amount of players per server remains the same

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now the question is… how are the matches and the players managed on the server… whats more hardware hungry… the amount of matches that play parallel to another or the players that need to be syncronized in one match…