Reduce the amount of players in Air RB matches in top tier

We are a few devblogs in, and there’s still no announcement of any improvements or rework for Air RB :(


Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the 6v6 games of the new kill mechanic test were far more enjoyable than the current 16v16 nonsense?


The Problem with 16v16 is that its more about your missile and how fast you can get them off rather than flight performance and skill. I love my dogfights but 9 times out of 10 I just get sniped out of the air or my opponent does mid fight. I’d say keep 16v16 but add a new mode for 8v8.


16vs16 actually killed 1v1 -there is always 2-5 planes shooting you from every directions.
Made players greedy shooting teammates just to get the kill before you do.
Also made strike/bomber - just a waste of slot and free targets.
Matches ending in minute or two (not counting fly to meet time).
Turned Air RB into glorified arcade shooter without as much fantasy flight models.


after more than 6 years of playing and more than 5000 hours (i know lol) im sad to say that this game no longer interests me tbh. besides the constant additions of newer and newer vehicles without them being properly implemented, the gamemodes are getting stale and borderline unplayable now too.

this thread is the proof, and sadly gaijin still refuses to implement the most BASIC and easy solutions.

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