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1 year into the game after grinding out more than 2 Country’s i been staying in the 10.7 radius when it comes to Air RB. Thats the maximum BR that can handle the 16v16 team deathmatch mode, anything up from that is just chaos, two teams with extreme missiles going head to head and ending matches in 5 minutes. We can’t use the full potential of these new toys we get with hard work and money because the matches just end too fast or you die too fast.

What is we go for Something like a more tactical approach
-Operation maps or even bigger(Rocky mountains, Afghanistan)
-2 Teams
-4 Sectors
-4 Squads starting on different airfields on both teams each assigned to one Sector
-All 4 squads on each side have to clear their designated Sector of enemy team squads and objectives first to move on to the next Sector.
-Keeping the teamwork bonus but increasing it immensely so squads stay together rather than going solo or trolling off
-Different roles have different objectives
-Bombers bombing , Interceptors having specific targets to destroy, Fighters escorting bombers first then destroying air targets.
-If a squadron completed their objective they would receive additional orders/objectives depending how the other squads are doing on the other Sectors, if they need assistance or we need to hunt down remainders of other enemy squads
-In a way it would be more of a Domination type of battle. The one who controls more sectors wins but with an elimination twist since its one life.
-I would increase the time limit as well to make it more of a Prolonged battle, with decreased points gain from sectors so the game doesn’t end in 5-10 minutes just because one team is doing better.
-It would look like as 4 different battles going on in one big map constantly changing.

If it works then the mode can be added to even lower tiers as an option. I am not saying delete the original Air RB mode just add a new mode option like Tactical Air RB or Domination Air RB.

Quick example

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For squadron battles only

Not enough people play in squadrons for that to work tbh, only the top 100 squadrons or so that are on the leaderboard are playing together. Every other squadron is just there doing nothing other than collecting their own points for squadron vehicles. This would make the mode for a very specific fan base which in my opinions would not help the bigger picture which is ARB.

Squadrons are top tier players at least the ones that play together. 80% of the players won’t even get accepted into those squadrons so not many people will have a chance to try it at the moment as things stand. So no this would be a new ARB mode that finally could lift up the chaos that the current ARB has.

I do get your take on this though and i don’t think its a bad idea either to add it there but don’t make it a squadron ONLY thing

Teamplay between random people? Impossible.


Yes i agree totally but we got to start somewhere… :D
If we leave the player base as they are they will never change, make them want to change is the answer.

-Increase teamwork gain and assist immensely while decreasing points gain for solo acts

This would make most people stay with their team rather then running off because there would be no benefit for that.

Ofc there is never a perfect mode and there would be problems but those can be tweeked with time and adjustments

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First, I have a question about “multiple 4v4 battles”. on the other hand, if one is out from Phoenix or Sparrow at the beginning of the fight, you will be suffocated by numbers.
Secondly, on BR 8.0-11.0 from a third to a half of the teams consists of aircrafts the purpose of which is to bomb the base and die from AIM9. What to do with them?
Thirdly, even on a limited area of the map, it will be either exclusively PVP without completing objectives, or only PVE.
In addition, if you and the enemy team have the same equipment (f16, mig29, f15, su27), then it will simply be a head-to-head fight, and in the best case, only one will remain. I have an idea for a new mode, I have write a suggestion and it is waiting for a moderator to consider. You can read on reddit.

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-The point of the 4 v 4 is to separate the people from each other so no matter what you do your only gonna meet 4 enemies at the start and have at least 2-3 friendlies with you that makes the dogfights and missile launches more concentrated not a spam fest. Mainly its for separation having 4 enemies for the first round sounds way more appealing then facing off 16 at the start.

-I did point out that its for top tier so 11.0 to 12.3 should not have this problems since almost all jets here are multi purpose , BUT you did point out a weak point here that would not require bombers since there aren’t any at this tier, rather choosing the option at the start if you want to have bombing objective or fighter objective so you can chose your loadout

-Yes, well it would be still a normal mode nothing too complex so the main head to head still would stand just on a less bigger scale. i don’t know having 3 other squads fighting the same time we are and not knowing who wins and where does sound intriguing.

Red your article well sh*t that’s a really complex mode but i do think it should be looked at, nice job!

No one said there should only be one mode added though so i am rooting for your recognition as well and would love your feed back on my mode suggestion, what you think needs changeling etc :D

didnt say its perfect so…



I do really like this suggestion and it is a needed one not just because of the current state of top tier but also that Air RB as a whole needs some reworking though i do have some points to make

  • Having 4 sectors and squad is a really good idea but i think that it could be down to 3 or up to 6 depending on the map and it’s geography
  • This suggestion doesn’t address the spotting system, another busted mechanic in Air RB so i suggest maybe adding Radar Installations (both fixed and mobile) and AWAC’s
  • If this is going to be implemented the time limit needs to be increased from 25mins to a minimum of 45min
  • Giving the ability to respawn in the same plane or another plane like in Ground Battles or EC which will give backups on planes a purpose in Air RB
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I agree totally! Any suggestion to the topic is welcomed. I am happy most people like the idea and giving their ideas into it, just needs a little more recognition! :)