Redistribution of vehicles based on their country of origin

Who said I was here to win an argument, I’m simply stating the facts that you made very clear with your entire suggestion. If I stripe away all the suggestion parts it’s a basic tangent of “I’m bad at the game” cause I can’t tell the difference between a Russian T-72 to a Finnish T-72.
You are probably gonna report this as being off-topic. Yet the clear difference between a Russian and Finnish T-72 is the camouflage as well as whatever decals said tanks are using. If I recall a Russian tank cannot use Finnish insignias nor can a Finnish tank use Russian insignias. This should give clear hints that the tank you aiming at is probably not your ally. One more thing to mention, that was my first comment in this discussion, therefore there was no argument to start with. Unless you are accounting everyone else who stated a similar statement to mine.

I used identification as example, your example of same types is better. Also as I said I do not support same vehicles at different teams. I want them all in one and I do not care if it is from Germany, Romania, Hungary and Sweden tech tree. If it is BF-109, move them to one team, if it is P-47, to opossite team (4 nations research trees have acces to P-47s). Also thank you for answer to this topic.

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You make a lot of solid points honestly. Very nice although I doubt it will be pay to play any time soon.

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It is off topic but I´m not gonna do that, as I said I used it as example to explain my idea. I just don´t want to fight T-72s in my T-72 or F-4 Phantom in my F-4 Phantom, because it ruins my immersion.

Cool deal with it. T-72s fought T-72s irl, and T-55s fought T-55s irl. I don’t see how this is an underlying problem.

Then I hope you will enjoy being shoted down by same BF-109 or other plane you are currently in. I can say the same, like deal with my suggestion and say you are agains it in first answer. Than you for your oppinion. I cannot reply sooner, sorry.

I chuckled when you assumed I was a player of one of the big three.

Does this also extend to lend lease vehicles?


This point does not work for what you want. Historically, nations used captured vehicles. Even now, look at the current conflict. Mostly Russian tanks vs Russian tanks.p

I would suggest removing this reasoning if you want to make your change.

Also, would the m10 panther stay in Germany? It was made to look like an m10 and I remember getting teamkilled plenty of times in it.

Noted, but I mean it in general, sadly I cannot edit the post anymore, but thx for your answer and M10 Panther will stay in Germany, bcs it is German vehicle in origin.

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Sim needs its own techtrees!

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the M-10 Panther is certainly a single exception.
the italian M-18, the italian Shermans, Pershings… the french Panther, the finnish Pz IV H and many more are absolutely no exception. something has to be changed urgently.

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I agree that it’s especially distasteful in sim to find copypaste vehicles all the time. But it’s very hard to design a system that works satisfactorily across the board. For example, what about the captured German KWI-C? That is not just a Beutepanzer but also a unique field modification carried out (likely) by German soldiers. So should it play Axis or Allies? Neither, so you buy it and can’t play it in sim?

Even if we were to render teams perfectly unique in terms of allowed vehicles, does that really help with immersion when Sweden will have postwar vehicles in midwar rooms, and the late war rooms will have M-51s and PT-76-57s?

The ship of immersion has long since set sail, I’m afraid. Even the Axis vs Allies, West vs East thing is basically a legacy system at this point that they might just as well do without, because there’s nothing “historical” about the lineups as they stand anyway.


I agree that in ground SIM for expalte ROC sub tree should not fight along side PRC or the DDR subtree should not participate on a NATO side. Same for the American vehicles in Italian TT in WW2 brackets.
It it not just matter of ID-ing vehicles, but it does not realy make sence from the geopolitical point of view either.

So options are either remove those vehicles from vehicles list, which is bit unfortunate ans unbfair to those who researched or bought a vehicle, or allow for exaple players with ROC subtree to join NATO side.

Besides what MK sugested possibilities

  • MM won’t allow to join queue with BMP and marder in linep
  • MM will put you into a battle and pick a side for you, blocking the other vehicle

This is a solid Idea, just need a bit polishing.


We also have Sweden as part of the Allies in WW2 (ahistorical and put there to even out queue times between the two sides), and France rotates between the West & Warsaw Pact teams, also to even out queue times. Like I said, that ship has already sailed.

I think these problems can all be solved in the long term.
Of course, you can’t solve these problems in 2 minutes.

one of my ideas would be a another 5_1 or 6_1 sim day with late WW2 vehicles and early NATO vehicles against Soviet Union and China. so early cold war! that would be with some imagination Korea, Indochina and early arbisch Israeli wars. without Wehrmacht of course. early Bundeswehr vehicles and NVA over to Russia. …
… there are surely still many good ideas for all lineups

important is a clear separation between WW2 and Cold War.

1_1, 2_1, 3_1, 4_1, 5_1 ,6_1

Cold war
->…<- 8_2, 8_2_2, 9_2, 10_2,11_2

I think if one juggles much with the Lieups and the vehicles one comes still some time to good results.

WTLineup (

thanks to the creator of this graphic

I think we have this already. It’s the room where you can, if playing Germany, take the Maus, Jagdtiger, Panther II, and IIRC Wiesel? And something else I think, while playing on the NATO side vs Soviet T-54s, IS-3s/4s/6s, and Chinese stuff.

you mean 8_2.

this is poorly implemented. I would like to see it further improved. I may have explained it poorly

Sure, all of sim could use some love. But having a rotation is already bad as it is, I doubt they’ll look into adding more rooms save for new top tier vehicles coming in. Not enough of us who play sim I’m afraid.