Redistribution of vehicles based on their country of origin

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I would like to open an discussion about redistribution of vehicles based on their country of origin. What does it mean? I suggest that vehicles, maily in sim-ground battles should be sorted out not only by country which used them, but also by country of their origin.
As an exmaple I would present a BMP-1, this vehicle origin is in USSR, but also can be found in tech-tree of Germany. In sim battles there is very hard to discern them. I suggest then to move all BMP-1s to one side. What we can achive is historicaly more accurate sim battles, but also battles that will be opened more often without long wainting. We could do this with all other vehicles like BTRs, T-72s and even planes.
I present screen shot of current sim battle setting

And those are some suggested changes to get better undestanding of my suggestion

I hope I communicated my suggestion well.
*edit for even better explanation
For even better explanation look at CHINA rank V. You will have Type 59/69 in your line up, but also M-48 and M113, you would like to join the battle at side of USSR, so you clicked on Type 59/69 and then you go to the batlle, in this battle M-48 and M113 is blocked. Before other battle, you want to swap sides, so you will click on M-48 and you will be in team with USA and Type 59/69 will be blocked. So county wise battle will be CHINA/USA vs CHINA/USSR in my example.


This wouldn’t work, as it would make other discrepancies, if you move USA to Japan to counter the captured A6M2 and Ki-61 and so on, you then have the problem of Japan having a 109, so it has to go to the German’s side. But Germany has a Tempest, so it has to go onto one team. This would mean every single country is on one team, how would that work?

Well I do not suppose that countries should be moved, only vehicles, so by theory you will have situations where germans are facing germans, but they tanks will differ. Marder on the one side vs BMP at other side, both from Germany tech tree, but not at same team. Same with your your presented A6M2, I woudl only move the vehicle again, so countris in battle will be AMERICA/JAPAN on one side vs AMERICA/JAPAN on other, but one side will have acces to planes originated in USA (Corsairs for example as it is also in JAPAN tree as premium) and other one planes originated in JAPAN (A6Ms and Ki-61s) Is this better explanation?

Ok, say I have a German BMP and a Marder in my lineup? What happens then? I play both sides? I fight both sides? How do you counter that.

Well like in RBs, you will fight the side on which is the vehicle you chose at screen, the other one will be blocked during that battle. For even better explanation look at CHINA rank V. You will have Type 59/69 in your line up, but also M-48 and M113, you would like to join the battle at side of USSR, so you clicked on Type 59/69 and then you go to the batlle, in this battle M-48 and M113 is blocked. Before other battle you want to swap sides, so you will click on M-48 and you will be in team with USA and Type 59/69 will be blocked.

That’s kind of silly, if your only two vehicles are the Marder and BMP, you can only choose one, and if you have a plane in your lineup you could just select that, then what happens? It sends you in with only a plane?

You can just turn off captured vehicles… this isn’t difficult. Captured vehicles should be entirely excluded from sim.


That is also possibility, but in higher ranks it is not possible, I rewrite my last comment and added better explanation I guess

This is a better alternative, I’m not complaining about that and I would be all for it. (I play CAS mostly in ground sim so identifying exactly which tech tree that one Sherman is in can be difficult sometimes)

why isnt it

In higher ranks those vehicles are often not captured but used by on side of divided country or subtree, so they are not captured, that is why and that is why I suggest my idea of all vehicles from same country of origin on one side.

So have it allies vs axis, nato vs warsaw pact. Remove the vehicles that are of the opposite side.

give an example

Yes, but not remove them, but move them to one team, so players will be able to play them

That will destroy lineups, it won’t work. Either leave them as they are, or just ban captured/leased vehicles from participating on the opposite side.

T-72 in Finland subtree or T-72 in Hungarian subtree, those are not captured but their countries are just subtrees and it could be unfair to completly ban vehicles of those subtrees. If you move them all in one side (warsaw packt) it will be better, because there will be no situation where T-72 faces T-72, but situration where ITALY (main tech tree) faces ITALY (hungarian subtree). Result is OF-40 vs T-72 and no vehicles will be banned completely.

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Yep, It will destroy lineups as we know them, but it will make game better. I will hapilly sacrifice 2 vehicles in my lineup than not being able to use some of tech tree vehicles at all as you are suggesting.

That doesn’t make sense at all. Why does your logic only apply to tanks and not planes?
By that logic, East German vehicles should be on the US side cause they were German yet the East Germans were a satellite country of the USSR not allied countries.

You are essentially trying to suggest a non-existent existent issue. Giving a “Fix” that only makes it worse. Another thing the T-72 in Finland was never part of the Warsaw Pact. So it does not make anything better. The only reason you want this idiotic decision is because you are getting too confused about what nation is what which is a problem in your own hands. Learn how to properly identify an ally from Foe it isn’t hard, camos often can give this away. If you are willing to put the effort into learning them.

The suggestion is not the problem and the idea is not bad from a simulator perspective, but your identification problem is similar to fight identical vehicles in realistic battles and mainly the result of gaijins decision not to be a simulator.

I mean wt was never a simulator but it started with some realism regarding involved nations, semi-historical MM and WW2 / early Cold War era hardware. The adding of various subtrees with historically irrelevant nations or whole TTs like SWE, countless captured premium vehicles and the mixed matchmaker created a fantasy game play far away from any reality or realism.

Your tank identification problem is the same as in air combat - if you take the German 109 F-4 as reference point the same plane exists as Italian and US version and the almost identical G-2 (ok outboard tailwheel) is active for Germany, Romania, Hungary and Sweden (Finland).

And even if you manage to identify the plane correct - how do you fight an identical plane with identical performance on equal terms / energy states / position? The main goal of any fight is to play out your own advantages and to deny the enemy to use it strengths.

The current set up as a result of changes in the last 5 years created a mess for anybody seeking a connection between irl scenarios and the game play setup by gaijin.

Banning premium vehicles to solve identification problems are out question - why would gaijin deny customers to use already paid vehicles???

All in all the underlying issue is that gaijin is earning a hell of money (121 mln € revenues some time ago) with the game in its current state. From my pov your issue (realism of vehicle distribution) might be offered in a few years - as a pay to play option for players with higher demands regarding realism…

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Seem like you cannot win by argument so you went back to insulting. I get that I do not explain that right, but this logic apply to planes too. All west-german jets can be sided with USA and east-german jets can be sided with USSR. Like where you dont see logic in wanting all planes, tanks of same country of origin be on one side? A don´t want mixed battles of same tanks/planes on different sides but to unite them to one side. Also I used Finland as exaple, bcs they have T-72 in their subtree.