Reason why F9Fs, vampire, R2Y2 needs lower BR

F9F has same TWR, 0.46 with F2H banshee. Which is 7.3. Their thrust is weaker then F-84G, which is 7.7
And vampire bleeds tons of energy while they maneuver. And their speed is slow too
R2Y2 used to be OP when it’s gun had the speed of 920m/s, but they are nerfed to 720m/s. It’s performance is also very inferior compared to other jets.
Even without F-86s and mig 15/17 going down, they still needs lower BR


I’d rather not have 4x Aim9B F9F-8s showing up in 7.0 battles, but all the other planes i agree with you. The F9F-2 is weak and the others you mention are all at the bottom of their BR functionality.


You’r right.
I ment F9F-2 and F9F-5 only

We do not need more god damn compression.

That said, R2Y2 isn’t even 8.0 worthy in a decompressed game please send that thing and its variants to 7.3


Even without compression, those three needs lower br because they are inferior compared to other 8.0s

unfortunately I agree but only in an idealistic world. Currently the vampire is still doing very well at 8.0 and would probably start to stomp if you downtiered it simply because people still don’t understand to not turn with it.

Also, I’d even go as far as to say I believe you COULD downtier the british vampire but definitely not the italian or swedish one atm

Panther isn’t great but I don’t think it is fair to face stuff that low, we need decompression.