Realistic aircraft engine modes

The topic is actually quite large, I’ll try to make it shorter. Many have probably heard or seen how the FW190 overheats. I was interested in this and I went to see how this plane flies in the most realistic flight simulator - DCS, and that’s what I saw there.

Following the instruction manual for the FW190, I realized that there are several time-limited modes, such as takeoff and essentially WEP mode with a limit of 3 minutes, the second mode is combat with a limit of 30 minutes, and the last one is a long-term operating mode that has no time limit.

I went on a training flight in War Thunder, turned on WEP and timed 3 minutes as the engine was approaching 3 minutes and already had critical indicators already had critical temperatures and when 3 minutes passed, the engine began to make sounds of its death. At the same time, the boost and engine speed figures are exactly the same as indicated in the DCS manual. It seems everything is becoming clearer now.

Then I tried to fly with the specified parameters for combat mode and yes, the heating is not so fast, but I did not measure the 30-minute limit and, accordingly, a long flight mode and almost no heating; it either stands at the yellow mark of 82 degrees or drops to 80 but the speed is getting pretty sad. So that’s what it’s all about. If the developers introduced something similar for the FW190 about a year ago, then the question arises: isn’t it time to do the same for other aircraft? It’s just quite strange to fly constantly thinking about the death of the engine, trying to save it, while the P51, opening the radiators to 100, flies the entire match in WEP mode. Although after reading the DCS manual about the P51, I realized that, in fact, the pilot could not fly with open radiators simply because the switch had to be held by hand, otherwise he would switch to closed mode. This is why the Mustang had an auto radiator mode and also a WEP mode with a limit of 15 minutes. In the end, I hope that the developers will quickly make real modes, if not for everyone then at least for most of the most popular aircraft.

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Make a suggestion then dude.

okay so the P-51 has something to help it matian WEP and the 190 dosen’t and Besides the 15 minute timers is how long most matches last so yeah I expect the P-51 to have a constant WEP going.

And then, what should we do with FW 190, which has already been configured as if from DCS? So, you understand that in DCS, the combat mode of a Mustang is approximately 76% of the thrust power. Try to play the battle like this. I’m playing in the simulator on an FW 190 with a power of 86, because this is its combat mode. And if the battles in RB last for 15 minutes, this does not mean that the battles in SB last the same amount of time.

Using DCS as a source for anything isn’t that reliable

Maybe I’m not strong here, but what is that is, the FW190 is already configured according to the numbers from there, except for the oil temperature in War Thunder. Others say that the norm is 70, ours is 80.
why was this necessary? and a year has already passed since then
and I think that since we started doing something like this, we need to continue

typical snail mouse gamer reaction

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??? What

Very good observation and very smart question.

Imho you scratch here on the surface of a much bigger problem - why were certain planes nerfed by gaijin - and others not.

  • I remember years ago (on an inactive MS account - and therefore an inactive wt account) flying out all 190 models in Air RB. On certain maps with fuel fuel load just due the sheer size of maps like Norway and the 60 minute timer of those matches. Mainly because otherwise you ran out of fuel at most inconvenient times - mostly when you found the last enemy in a B-29 at a random map border at 11 km alt.

  • And, ofc, with joystick, SFC (as FR is overkill for Air RB), MEC and instructor off.

  • You were able to use full WEP the whole match without getting anywhere near orange or red engine temperatures if you played at very high alt at high speed - without MEC. To be fair sometimes i even ran out of WEP (40 -55 minutes). But i noticed 2021 that the same planes were out of nowhere not longer full WEP proof and started to overheat whilst flying them with the same conditions and play style.

  • So after a longer break i returned to wt with a new MS account and subsequently a fresh wt account, gaijin refused to transfer the already owned planes to this account, so i had to start from square 1. The changes within Air RB were gigantic and from my perspective certain nations became a pain to fly - especially Germany and the 190s.

  • I mean even if you were used to play around the intended nerfs like missing elevator input and the flight characteristics of pianos: the overheating got completely out of control compared to previous times.

So if you think about why certain nations get open or hidden nerfs of flight characteristics - and others not, you might think about the main income sources - overpriced pixels of US and USSR top tier jets. The last of the big 3 has no real potential due to the lack of domestic aircraft.

If the majority of new players strive to top tier - it is more than logical that those players see props just as an obstacle on their way to jets. If you then remember the times up until 2019/2020 - US and USSR teams get slaughtered either by German/Italian or Japanese planes.

This is simply not an ideal strategy to keep players of nations with a high top tier premium market potential attached to the game.

This might be the most logical explanation for some things changed in wt in the last 4 years…