Realistic Aiming

Hi. This short clip is from game called GHPC and as you can probably see the aiming there is way more realistic compared to WT, its way more difficult to aim exactly where you want, meaning more missed shots / ricochets, higher chance of surviving, different gameplay, more realistic feeling …

In highier tiers aiming is like life and death scenario, armor wont save you, only someone elses mistake, but because aiming in WT is a bit easy the chances of surviving are very low. Not only you can see enemies above the objects like walls and rocks using camera view, but also you can pre-aim and with a bit of a knowledge of enemy tank you know exactly where to aim.

I wonder if War Thunder wouldnt be a better game if it implemented something like this where aiming would become a little bit more realistic.

Take Abrams for example, players with ease can aim at turret ring succesfully avoiding more protected areas like turret cheeks.


Gaijin does not even enforce realistic optics placement in RB, they are unfortunately kind of obsessed with the accessibility of the game, and “fast paced” gameplay, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for mouse joystick, nice as that would be.


You can change the sight to gunner sight in the menu


Hmmmm, i wonder why one game has 60 people playing, and the other has 87000. Maybe its because the majority of people want to be able to aim without feeling like they are being handicapped.


Yes, maybe youre right. Maybe it wouldnt hurt the player base so much if they made it just a tiny bit more realistic.

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I mean the game isn’t well known and is still in early development. I read longtime ago that gaijin wanted to implement FCS for tanks (can’t find it though)

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What is FCS ?

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Fire control systems. For example the M1A2 abrams can laze the target and it calculates wind, distance and speed of the target and automatically aims for you. So if you have a T72 going high speed in the distance you can hit it precisely


War Thunder has had this feature since ground vehicles were in the game as @Imaflyingturkey implies with stating you can change the gunner sight.

I think aiming in WT is already easy enough. Starting this topic i didnt mean to make aiming easier by adding more systems that do the job for you.

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Modern tanks such as the abrams leopard etc thats the whole point is to evolve and make it easier for the crew. Remember when we didnt even have thermals for tanks and laser rangefinding that can pinpoint distance for the cannon itself? What is really the point of these vehicles if we really cant take advantage of what they had in real life? Upgrades for modern tanks these days are sometimes just FCS upgrades would make tanks more unqiue compared to eachother really of implemented ingame. Tbh i dont expect this stuff to come in game maybe when T8 tanks come or a 1 or 2 years. If/when we get new gamemodes big big maps.

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If you can find a way to do that without making the player experience worse, i’m all ears

GHPC also has some of those features like stabilizers, thermals, laser rangefinders and still as you can see on the video i posted on the top, aiming feels way different than in War Thunder, feels more realistic or mechanical. In WT its just aiming like in Call of Duty in matter of miliseconds exactly where you want and click.


Here is another short video, this time from War Thunder. I wanted to point out just how precise and quick he is with the aiming at those enemy tanks, succesfully avoiding hitting a hard spots and killing them with one shot. Second shot shows it pretty well where he aims under the turret just where the ammo rack is.

Try to compare these two videos i posted here (first one at the top), its clearly that in the first one the aiming looks a bit more difficult and realistic, that feeling of weight and operating some kind of machinery, instead of just moving light comfortable mouse on the desk.

Pretty confident it’s because WT is free and has a playerbase to play with.

If you like gunner heat pc’s aiming, play that? Not everything that is realistic is fun or balanced. Saw a person ask for random mechincal failures for planes. Is that more realistic? For sure. More fun? Hell no.

War thunder is not a hardcore sim game. If you want that, there are some much better games than war thunder.


Just cause aiming is easy doesn’t mean the systems behind it aren’t realistic.

I just used this game for comparison, as aiming there looks completely different from WT. It looks like he is dragging his mouse to a desired direction and then turret starts moving, something like operating a joystick with a mouse input. In WT barrel just fallows the mouse cursour.

Yes i agree realism isnt always fun and balanced. Not sure if WT is a balanced game. But its also not fun to get killed in matter of miliseconds without any chance to react, as it is that quickly for someone to aim at your ammo rack, additionaly enemy can see you being completely hidden behind an object giving you zero chance to react.

Maybe the balance of this game could be better with aiming being a little bit more realistic … who knows maybe this small change could double the current playerbase.

You can use a flight stick for movement of tank turrets in War Thunder.
I’ve tried it once to see what it was like, and I must say artificial limits on mouse movement would be a bad idea. Especially since mouse movement doesn’t input turret movement, but instead tells the crew where to point the turret.

Are you playing ab/rb? Try out sim. Your camera is stuck to the commanders hatch or gunner sight so people cant do that. You also aim with gunner sight and not down the barrel.

I can assure you that making the game more tedious/niche will not increase player numbers.