Re-add the Maus or remove every hard to balance vehicle in the game

  • Re-add the Maus.
  • Continue the fair and justified removal of hard to balance vehicles from nations that arent germany.
  • Give russia a captured maus as a premium.

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As the post title says, id like to see peoples opinions on the maus either being re-added or having gaijin equally and fairly remove all other hard to balance vehicles.
Its been years since they removed the maus for balance reasons and even went as far as to claim that because it was a prototype that its position in war thunder should be more like the e100. And scrubbed it from war thunders loading screens.

Yet no other vehicle has been removed for that reason and the maus is still missing.


It literally comes back ever November during the anniversary.


There’s dozens of hard to balance vehicles in the game, and pretty much every single one has less historical value as the Maus, it was always a nonsensical argument, go delete the IS-7, Object 279, IS-3 etc from the game then.

Removing the Maus makes no sense, it’s not removed from the game, it doesn’t solve the balance issue… but clearly it’s being used as bait on the rod.
Should have just been put in a folder behind the Jagdtiger.

It literally comes back ever November during the anniversary.

Guess they need to boost the player numbers a bit… we can’t have the Maus in game because it’s so difficult to balance but lets offer it up the vehicle from time to time anyways because that makes sense.


Panther II?

Flakpanzer 341?

Tiger 2 H 10cm?

Gaijin learned their lesson and used events as a means of having difficult to balance vehicles be rare and commodified.

MAUS is available every November if you have a Rank 5? 6? German vehicle. MAUS right now is sitting at 7.7 and with the recent decompression is pretty playable ignoring its speed.

The MAUS isn’t a necessity in the German ground tree for purposes of a functional lineup, it’s a toy. It’s treated as such, and should remain as such.

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No other vehicle is comparable to the Maus. There is nothing to continue.

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Object 279 lol

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At least the Obj 279 is mobile. The Maus is not. The 279 is not at Maus levels of hard to balance.

All removed for Histroical accuracy. Not balance


So what? Its not in the tech tree. And we all know why its only available once a year. So gaijin can make money off people GEing it once a year.

It needs to be added back.

The MAUS was hard to balance when it was released. HEAT-FS and ATGMs have been in the game for a long while it’s very easily balanced and is at its current BR.

Yeah thats a completely different issue and one that again gaijin seems to have only targeted germany with.


You don’t buy it, you start researching it and then you can finish said research whenever you want.

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Yea sure due. Quote me out of context and ignore the fact that i answered your stupid comment that the Tiger II 10.5 and Panther II have been removed for the same reason as the Maus.

Which is WORNG

I do not care about the rest. But your claim is wrong Leave me alone with your Maus shit

Object 279 is a super heavy tank with a fantastic high penetrating explosive shot

It’s immune to most guns at its BR range and lolpens most tanks at its BR range

The difference between the two and why one is a full BR higher is as you stated the mobility

Neither tank should be in the tech tree of their respective nations

The OBJ 279 at present should be moved to 9.0 to fit current BR standards, the MAUS is fine where it is due to the proliferation of HEAT-FS

The Tiger II 10.5 is a fake tank, so is the Panther II

The MAUS had a prototype built, it just wasn’t every going to be feasible in actual combat. The MAUS also is incredibly hard to balance since it’s a “WW2” vehicle yet its armor and firepower are ridiculous. Now that the game has modeled HEAT-FS and ATGMs it can be placed ~mid Cold War and find a nice home as a super heavy tank. It’s fine in its current state.

Guess what you can do with GE. And what people no doubt do whenever they get the oportunity to research the maus. Its essentially like buying a rare premium.

People wait an entire year after getting rank 5 germany to start researching the maus, that wait time causes a psychological shift in certain peoples minds to make them think they need to get it immediately.

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FOMO is a thing yeah, if it takes you over a year to get to Rank V Germany I don’t really have pity on your wallet.

Read my comment again because thats not what i said.


Fear of Missing Out

It’s a market ploy that is actively abused by the developers through event vehicles

The MAUS is a returning FOMO vehicle which can be obtained by simply having a vehicle of the same rank and starting research, after research is started you can finish said research of the MAUS at any time.

The FOMO is there, it’s not “scummy” in my personal opinion considering it comes back for the anniversary and the MAUS itself is a toy not something you might feel required to obtain for the sake of your Germany grind.

The Tiger II 10 cm and the Panther II were not removed for the same reason as the MAUS

The MAUS was a real tank. A real prototype was built.

The Tiger II 10 cm literally could not fit its gun inside its turret, the same with the Panther II

They are fake tanks, the MAUS is not

The MAUS was removed because it was difficult to balance and it was a meme tank not fit for meta gameplay.

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