RBT-5 Rocket Damage

RBT-5 Rockets (TT-250) does very little damage for its caliber. When comparing it to the sturmtigers rocket which has less base stats id does considerably no damage to the same target at the same spot.

Link to the video I posted on the bug:

It’s because unlike any other HE projectile Sturmtiger’s rocket doesnt follow same rules:
While any other HE shell only penetrates what it says, (calculating penetration via TNT equivalent ) Sturmtiger’s shell doesnt care about statcard nor TNT equivalent , it goes much further above said number in it.
In other words instead of simulating penetration for Sturmtiger, they decided to just draw a number they made up which they fought would be funny, while also hiding it from players eyes.
It’s not RBT-5 rocked damage underperforming, it’s Sturmtiger’s rocket massively overperforming.


Russian youtuber K2 ran tests regarding this and made this tab, which shows HE penetration increasing the more explosive mass there is, however while entire tab looks fine spot for Sturmtiger’s rocket isnt, its clearly overperforming. Here is video of tests that show Sturmtiger penetrating way more than it should.

Blue is penetration, red is TNT equivalent, you can see Sturmtiger’s rocket anomaly here.

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What? The HE shell of sturmtiger has nearly same tnt equivalent like a 250kg bomb. But not nearly the same boom! While a 250kg bomb will everything destroy in 3m radius, the nerfed to infinity HE shell doesnt and even struggle sometimes on direct hit.

I personally think its not overperforming, that amount of HE would IRL just split any tank in the world in half. Since the HE nerf and a double nerf on the RBT-5 rocket penetration (it used to have 150mm of pen at all angels) they didn’t ever try to address it. When the sturmtiger was added it was also lacking in firepower so they buffed it as you say, but still they don’t simulate these weapons well at all. Just from gameplay side of it, I think you should be rewarded if you hit manage to hit someone with those weapon systems rather then nerf it into oblivion to make it even more difficult.

It’s definitely overperforming, as any other missile, nk matter how much more TNT equivalent it has will penetrate less, and thats pretty much obvious with the graph.