RB75 wont lock (GROUND RB)

If you test the RB75 with the AJ37 using weapon testing it successfully locks at a range of 6km (instantly). However, if you try to play with it in RB the missile seems bugged/wont lock until you are within 2km range.

PLEASE fix, this is insanely frustrating

Try reporting it as a bug if you haven’t yet but I dont know where to tho ):

I believe that 6km range with the regular AGM65Bs (RB75s) only locks onto stationary targets. ~2/3km if they are moving and maybe even up to 4km.
This is similar to how the Kh-29TEs only lock moving targets at around ~0-10km despite being able to lock onto a stationary target (or ground for that matter) within ~0-20km.

I know but I cant even lock the ground it just says “seeking”, in the test mode it locks the ground next to the AA immediately, using the same hotkeys. In RB it wont lock the ground it just continues to try to search for a target to track.

It wont lock even with the Gripen A with LITENING II pod. Pansir sitting dead in the open. And wouldn’t lock. Same thing with a Strela on the AJS 37 Viggen, wouldn’t lock till 1.5km out in clear weather.

After some time, I’ve noticed that mavericks can lock onto targets within 6km, despite the locking process seeming as if they wouldn’t track.

I feel like it’s finicky at best, but this video @ULQ_LOVER proved that it does work.

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I dont have a problem with any other tv except the Rb75s. AS well the video shows the AGM-65B. The Rb75 is a AGM-65A. It is the basic model and uses an electro-optical television guidance system. As where to the B is similar to the A model, although the B model added optical zooming to lock onto small or distant targets which is used in the video link you provided so he had a slight better chance to get a lock than the Rb75s do.