Rather than nerfing APHE Gaijin should instead apply a huge buff for solid AP, APDS and HEAT

Instead of the semi random spall we have now AP/APDS/HEAT should get an instakill “death cone” depending on weight and diameter. This would remove the frustration of the damage dice roll we have now and increase their effectiveness. APHE is fine the way it is and should offer more damage as a trade of for less pen.

So you agree?

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War Thunder just needs to fix their damage system that is ancient at this time, this is a good start, then they can improve solidshot and chemical munition damage



This is what I have been saying for a looong time.

anyways lemme go grab that ammo idea I made a bit back…

Generally slightly better pen then APHE, and more damage inside their spall cone.

Overall slightly less pen then solid AP, but having its current ‘sphere of death’, as many call it. Damage is slightly less then solid AP, but with, again, the sphere of death.

What it currently is, but buffed damage inside its spall cone, but not to the level of solid AP. Reduced chances to shatter, though.

Roughly the same post-pen as APDS, but worse angle pen and overall pen. Still high pen, basically the specialty round you have when you need to punch through a heavy’s armor.

High pen, and high damage on anything the jet actually touches (i.e. ammo, crew, etc.) Very good at starting fires and cooking off ammo.

Extremely good against angles, and thick armor in general. Would have a chance to overpressure, around the same as HE, but within a smaller radius.

Basically same as current, haha 155mm big boom.

No idea, because I admittedly dont have it yet, and so cant really speak about it.

And now just for the memes:

Against non-closed tops its the same as current, but if it pens a closed-top viecle it dies instantly. Cause this round sucks otherwise lol.


Didn’t they remove the shrapnel rounds recently? Or at least for some low RU tanks.

Aphe should be accurate, just as solid shot and apds should. Aphe creates a cone, not too different from normal damage, and not a seismic charge like in game.

I know at least the finnish T-28 still has it, dont really play russia so idk about them.

Realistic =/= Good

Tanks ingame have vastly increased survivability (Quite justifiably imo), and it follows that ammo should have better damage to keep up with it.

Also, I dont want all ammo types to just be the same- I want variety, making there proper benefits to using all types of rounds, rather then one type being strictly better (as of now) or all ammunition types being very similar (as making it a cone would do)

Absolutely not, filler rounds should be corrected to not have their silly sphere of death, then things can be adjusted from there.

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nooo. i think that is just absurd.

APHE is overpreforming. It’s not about nerfing APHE, it’s about making it realistic. The shell shouldn’t explode in a sphere, but in a cone.

I dont think anyone is saying its realistic atm, it isn’t.

What they are saying is that for balance purposes it would remain that way, so that we can have proper ammunition variety and balance.

Realism matters more, that’s something this game likes to pride itself on. One shoting tanks cuz funny lil bomb in shell isn’t realistic nor should it be a part of the game. It should just have a slightly better cone of damage compared to normal rounds, that’s it nothing more.

I mean sure… But we are talking War Thunder tanks here.
-Gun barrels phasing through buildings
-no interiors
-no tank controls
-tanks carrying spare guns in their fighting compartment.

So i don’t think as much as i wish it did, i don’t think :

Applies to tanks in WT.

Realism matters more,

Alright, on any penetration or damage your crew has to abandon the tank, and if its scary enough they do as well.

Balance > Realism, simple as that. Otherwise you would have engines breaking down every 5m on german/russian tanks

No APHE needs to be more realistic


Let me ask you this.


Realism isnt always better.

So you want APHE to blow in a way that defies physics then



Pretty much said that, I am fine with it not being as realistic for better balance and variety.

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it would be better for balance if it was realistic though


And I want my apfsds to penetrate every tank at every spot and kill tanks behind hills after going through the ground even thought it isn’t realistic. Even if it’s not realistic surely it would be better for the game that way :)))))

Jokes aside,
There are already some aphe shells that kill entire crews with overpressure anyway, you’ll live if it’s nerfed to a realistic standard.