Rank 8 premium, seriously? ( still closed my post zzz)

What happened to the saying “we won’t add premium aircraft to the top tier”?
The issue at stake here is not even being against premium vehicles, but a premium vehicle cannot push you straight into the top tier. The other premium vehicles make you go through a learning process even up to rank 8, you reach the top tier quickly with a certain notion of the game.
A player who goes straight to rank 8 to play against su27/j11, jas 39a/c, f15 and f16 will go through a very traumatic process for him and his team, basically the team that has less f20 will be the winning team.
If we were already at rank 9, releases like this would be justified… but a premium that takes you straight to rank 8 was a bullshit and most importantly IT WAS A BREAK OF PROMISE to the community.


The more we spend, the less Gaijin cares about integrity.


While I understand your anger about a broken statement, think about it for a while…

Would it be one bit better for this community, if the VERY SAME vehicle would be released in Rank 7 or 3 for that matter? Is there any advantage to the players and/or buyers if the rank is lower? If you see one, I’d be interested to hear it.

As I see it, I get more value for my money as a buyer, if the rank is higher. Because the plane will allow me to grind a future rank 9. If it were a rank 3, I wouldn’t even be able to grind jets effectively, yet participate in top matches.

I assume you are actually unhappy about the BR of the vehicle, because BR (not rank) will decide where it will show up in matches. The highest BR of premiums may be debatable. But a higher rank is just a quality of life bonus. Unless I fail to see an important aspect.

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Please re-read August 2023 roadmap and use already created thread to discuss vehicle price.

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