Rangefinder modifications and overlays

This topic has been brought up a few times in the past and Gaijin has never given a clear indication on their stance on this matter, whether or not they are allowed or not allowed. There are plenty of variations available and the arguments appear to be that it is allowed because it does not directly alter the games code or something to that effect.

Can we get a clear response on this matter for once so people know where they stand in the use of these mods/overlays?

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Ive seen video of some russian guy using this and AVRE and he got like 4 kills in whole battle.

Not sure how allowed this is but its certainly not as effective as people think :D

Well that’s fine but we should really be able to get an official answer from Gaijin on this so that people know whether or not they are allowed to use tools like this instead of just having to do it or not and hope for the best.

There really isn’t a reason why they shouldn’t be able to just come out and give a straight answer on the matter and their silence on the matter has me leaning towards the fact that it is allowed but they don’t want everybody to start doing it.

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3.2.3. No malicious or deceiving use

● use software that automates the game process (bots, mods), changes gameplay or functionality of the Game, grants an advantage over other players not using such software, or otherwise changes game experience, whether yours or any other player’s;

● use any third-party software which may anyhow interfere with the Game which is not authorized by Gaijin for a particular Game(s) or related services, unless such use is permitted by law as a mandatory rule;

Which is great and all except that allegedly multiple endorsed content creators have released videos using these overlays and there was at least one instance shown on ThunderSkill where it was used, tied in with the radio silence from Gaijin on the subject and as you pointed out the rules they state it has meant this has been a grey area for a while now.

It was discussed on the old forum too where Gaijin, or mouths of, remained strangely silent on the matter and the threads never got removed despite the old forum being pretty fast to remove any topics regarding cheating.

It just gives off the vibe that it is technically allowed, or that they just can’t do anything about it or be able to enforce it so they’re remaining quiet intentionally to leave a veil of ambiguity to keep people from using them.

Changing the maps to include circles is not “software”. Using a JPEG of a map with said circles is not “Thirdparty software”

So what is shown does 100% not fall under these rules

If you are using the data provided for the external browser map to update and automate the centering on player location for your ranging bullseye, guess what?

That is not what you described and is a third party app.
But neither the Map (either as an overlay via a mod, or as a broweser png.) or the information provided by it are banned.

What you are described is what we call “an Aimbot”

No you are modifying the Gaijin provided web page. Its not an aimbot, but it is a violation of their rule.

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Which webpage, in what way (methods used)?

In the OP’s image, the window on the left is the external browser map that they have superimposed a ranging circle and I’m assuming he’s using the telemetry from the window to update its location and azmuth to do quick range estimations to enemy icons and pins.

I’m not sure exactly how it works, I haven’t and don’t use any of them myself (as stated I’m unsure of how Gaijin views these from a possible cheating or not perspective since they have been intentionally extremely vague in the past about it).

You can find the thread this image originated from here: /vg/ - Video Game Generals » Thread #443269615 (b4k.co)

As noted, I think its a violation of terms.
There is no way for them to bust you for it since it doesn’t send any data back and its not even an overlay on the actual WT client. And Gaijin can’t won’t fix even THAT glaring cheat.

As noted, I think its a violation of terms.

Well this is my problem, and as I said why I made this thread. Gaijin seem to be refusing to make a clear statement on the subject. You would think that one one of the game masters that deal with rule violations in-game would have responded to any of these topics in the past (there was quite a few on the old forum), but they simply don’t.

Gaijin seems to prefer to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. In fact, they actively suppress discussion about it. This thread will probably get censored shortly.

In fact, they actively suppress discussion about it. This thread will probably get censored shortly.

Well that’s the thing, they didn’t in the past. Even on the old forums where any mention of cheats or potential cheats at all was heavily censored and locked. The threads discussing this topic were left up and never closed despite having a lot of traffic to them which is outside the norm, and yet nothing from any of the GMs on the matter.

Which is why I’m thinking it’s either allowed but they just don’t want people to know for certain it is because it would result in more people using it, or it isn’t allowed but they just have no way to actually enforce it.

If they refuse to comment on it then the takeaway seems to me that it is allowed.

Its Gaijin. It doesn’t have to make sense.

What about all the sim players that use GameGlass? Apparently quite a few of players use and rely on it in sim.

The topic has come up several times in global chat over the fairness of the program…

Personally I am not risking my account over a 3rd party program to gain a plethora of one touch buttons for easy radar or missile functions.

According to the ToS it falls under 3rd party software.

“changes gameplay or functionality of the Game, grants an advantage over other players not using such software, or otherwise changes game experience, whether yours or any other player’s”

Can we get an official statement on it?

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Perhaps moving the optical/laser rangefinder to a level 2 or 1 modification would discourage players from using these overlays, since the grind for the rangefinder at higher tiers is a slog.

Updating the range of the base “rangefinding” might also help.
Even early WWII tanks and their crews where trained to accurately hit targets at around 1500m with the first shot. Why is our Range in game limited to 800m or 1000m with Expert?
The Optics of cold war tanks should easily allow ranging of up to 2km.
True a “real” rangefinder is more percise and faster, but again the ranges we get ingame are laughable. In reality a Rangefinder, even from WWII, can range accurately for more than 5km. Post war ones even further from the right position.

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