Radar HUD IFF indicator Update

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The Radar interface is in much need of a facelift.
My first suggestion would be to change the indicators of the IFF function.

The problems:

At the moment the marker for Friendly vehicles is just a second line under the vehicles main line. This makes it sometimes hard to differentiate between two enemies/one friend or if one friend and one enemy are in a dogfight which one is friendly and which one is enemy since you now have 3 lines in close proximity.

Which line is friend and which line is foe


In this example its a bit easier to tell as the enemy is marked as priority target but if there are several enemies and friendlies in close proximity:

Which line is friend and which line is foe 2

Its WAY harder to tell.

Not only is it hard to differentiate between targets in close proximity, but its also hard on a single target as one of the two lines on a friendly target very often ends up underneath one of the gridlines on the radar making you think its a single line and an enemy.

Friend or enemy north of me?

Radar 2

Three enemies? one friendly?

If you make an effort you can see it, but in the heat of battle and only glancing at the radar its on the edge to impossible to tell the difference.

sometimes the IFF line overlaps with the line of another friendly making it hard to tell if its one friend and one enemy, three enemies or two overlapping friendlies.

Two friendlies? Three enemies? one friendly and one enemy? Right side of radar.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 121654

These problems are less prominent in ground as you have the third person view triangles to help you but its still an issue when the two targets are close as its hard to tell which triangle has the line under it.

Change the indicators on the radar as well as third person to be more distinctly friend or foe.
An example being Friendlies showing up as circles and enemy as triangles/diamonds/squares.

Example suggestion 1

Suggestion 1

Or keeping in line with what we have now but angling Friendly markers creating diagonals to easier differentiate the two.

Example suggestion 2

Suggestion 2


I would love to see this in game, it would make a great impact on Air SB too.

I really like the look of suggestion #1, with circles and squares indicating IFF.




+1, radar systems need all the help they can get to get a more legible UI. Iā€™d be interested to see for example how its done with the F-14 (or F-18?) in DCS, where TWS targets are circle, locked are square, and IFF are diamonds.