Radar antena elevation

Hello, I would need help with setting the height of the radar elevation. I am attaching two pictures. One shows me flying and the radar is scanning higher than my height which is stupid and I would need to set it to scan the bottom near the ground. I also set up the control, but when I press it, nothing happens, nor does the pointer change. Can’t you help me?
fasfasfas.png - Google Drive, fasfasfas.jpg - Google Drive

You need turn off “Constant elevation of radar antenna” in Air Battle Settings


You trying to use wrong controls. You need to set up “Radar tilt control axis” not a “Target cue control axis”:


Only in this case you can manually control antenna elevation

thank you, it works but not quite as correctly as I would imagine.
I set it to the wheel of the mouse, but if I move the wheel, my radar starts to move completely until it moves to the bottom. I set realitiv control.
There is no step as if the radar moves by 5 degrees for every turn of the wheel, but I can’t set it.
The second problem I have is that I control the trust with the help of two keys, but the mouse wheel keeps throwing me there and I don’t know how to remove it from there.

Here i can’t help you. There is no sensitivity control for radar elevation with relative control off (or i can’t find it).

Check this option: