Raam Segol vs Red dead redemption 2

As the topic suggest, I had option last night to either buy RDD 2 or invest in premium Vehicle for Israel tech tree $110 AUD.

I decided to purchase Raam Segol, little did I know I was signing up for a world of pain. Not only is the vehicle atrocious. Gaijin has decided in all its wisdom that grind should be long and painful.

42 percent win rate, flooded with people leaving in 1 death( only when they are in my team)
Enemy team keeps spawning, does not matter if you fighting with or against USSR.

Same logic they apply when you apply a booster, they try to balance things by putting you against amazing players while your team leaves in 1 death or bringing tier 1 tanks to 11.3 battles.

Is there is way to get a refund? I can’t believe Gaijin would treat its paying customers like this, 9 losses in a low, 3 of them were mixed battles. No one is asking for preferential treatment, at least give balanced team man.

Jesus Christ, I am livid.


RDR 2 is so good, I didnt enjoyed any videogame for 6 months. Everything felt like some indie low budget game after that…

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Oh lord, only if I could turn back time. I lost my hard earned money to this crap. Does Gaijin have a complaints department?

buying a wt premium vehicle for full price

Theres your problem

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Here I am playing with TigerH1,Sturmpanzer because Germany only have players that bring lower tier tanks to 11.3. Never spending a single dime on this game ever again.

Nothing wrong with low budget indie games.

Before I reply … what should be discussed here? Your decision? The amount of money you put into the drain? What would I have done?


Advice: never buy vehicles for full price. Wait for 50% off sales that happen multiple times a year.

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Even at half price, it is money down the drain. Mostly because of this atrocious match making. At this point I feel like deleting this game and find something more enjoyable to do after work.

Always an option. Just do what you think is best for yourself.

After all:
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You’re talking to it here!

What the hell is Ram Smeagol?

Play WW2 , enjoy the game as it was intended. Post war stuff has always been an afterthought hence there’s 0 point in grinding towards top tier because only pain awaits.

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If Devs monitor these forums, then I humbly request please stop giving me one death leaving teams. This is no way to treat paying customers.

There is no way in a mixed match Russia on both sides and I still get team which leaves in one death. This is tailored and not at all random.

The reasons for ODL are currently becoming more rather than less. The presence of Russian tanks alone is no longer the only reason to leave the battle.

There are other reasons, for example:

  • I don’t like the map …
  • I don’t like the sun shining directly into my barrel …
  • I don’t like being shot down during the cap rush …
  • I don’t like being attacked by aeroplanes …
  • I don’t like fighting against (please insert nation) …
  • I don’t like another full uptier …
  • I don’t really like playing in general …
  • I’m only here for the grind …

and many more …


Why not just one-death-leave yourself? You’re using a premium after all, you should spend 100% of your time playing in it if you want to maximise RP gains.

One death leaving is indeed widely recognised as a method of powergrinding.

If Gaijin wanted to fix the issue, they could make the grind significantly easier so people wouldn’t feel compelled to powergrind as much.

Players make choices based on the incentives the game provides them. Too much one-death-leaving? Give players rewards for playing full lineups, punishments for bad behaviour doesn’t even properly work on animals, why would it work on War Thunder players?

Got it, bad warthunder players are worse than animals.


I understand all the reasons, been playing this game 7 years or more. But if same thing happens every game then it is tailored. trying to slow the grind and forced to play with players that leave in 1 death