Raam segol aps

Please add the aps on the Raam Segol
If so it would be nice to have a way to toggle the aps on the Raam Segol so that you can decide if you want to have the aps running 8 maybe just deploy smoke from one side of the turet and only on enemy lasers to prevent trolling)


Im pretty sure they already said they wont add it.

Still would be cool

I feel like it would be quite annoying. Especially with teammates laser rangefinding you…


He just said that Gaijin could disable friendly rangefinding on the merkava

It would be a horrible gameplay mechanic. Imagine that youre battling someone 1v1. They can just continuously rangefind you to make you smoke up removing your ability to shoot back…

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Fixed easily by getting a cooldown of a few seconds

Wasn’t Raam Segol supposed to be set of radars for incoming missile detection, not just fancy Laser Warning System? Hence four boxes on turret corners with I presume radars, not too different from Trophy on Merkava 4M.

MAW is already modeled in game, though its missing UI for tanks.


This. Giving it a sort of MAW would be a great way to make it unique.

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i think u can send issue to gaijin, ask them add this.

A good way to implement Raam Sagol (not Segol, it’s a typo) is to have it act as an improved LWR, pinpointing the location of the missile launch. Instead of showing up as a direction in the hud, the player could see a box similar to a radar lock.
A second improvement is to perhaps bind a key such as the radar lock key, that would pop up for 3 seconds after missile launch, and if pressed would slew the gun on target.

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This game mechanic should be absolutely implemented in the game. It should be present on this vehicle and all the others who have this feature.

How to balance it: disable friendly laser notifications (they are already creating problems with trolls), add a cooldown to the turret rotation and smoke deploy of 10-15 seconds (this way the enemy can’t just spam lasers on you) and lastly add a toggle to the multi-function menu and a dedicated key to switch the system on and off (just like with MUSS and Shtora APS).

The LWS is a feature that is generally ignored by the community, even though it increases the tank’s survivability by a lot. With a little rework and a bit of advertisement (videos, devblogs) this could change.

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In particular the last part is important. I would never have such a system turned on. It’s just self sabotage.

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yes, but they could make it toggleable, which negates their whole argument


I don’t have any hard evidence for that besides one 3rd party article about it, google being flooded with WT announcements for “Merkava Raam Segol” query also doesn’t help either.

Honestly pretty sad that they won’t even make the effort to make the APS warn about incoming missiles/projectiles. Just make the radars work by showing “incoming projectile” on detected movement… like the radars already do for hard kill APS.


Exactly. I don’t know why anyone would want this, it’s detrimental for any vehicle that would use it.

Imagine being in a, say, T-90M; you are about to shoot an enemy in front of you… and suddenly your turret rotates 90° to the right and pops smoke on you just because an enemy lased you from there.

The enemy can still (and will) shoot you because he has already acquired you and you can’t even see him because of your own smoke, the enemy you had in front of you will shoot you without you being able to shoot back, and you get blown up without even having the chance to shoot back.

It’s a bad feature and I hope it never makes it to the game; and if it does, it should be with an option to disable it by default.


Thats why: make it togglable or jut deploy smoke to that side (afterall the turret almost has 360 degree smoke coverage) At this point it is basicaly just a copy+paste Merkava 3D with some added visuals and some smoke (im not sure but i think the bhp were increased too).

Yes, that is one of the main downsides of the system.
That is why I added several steps to try and make more balanced, though the ultimate decision is down to the player to leave it on or off.

I would use this feature in specific situations. The main example would be on a big open map like Maginot Line or Eastern Europe, where it happens many times when moving from cover to cover to get sniped. A piece of machinery dedicated to this role has an instant reaction time and can save you from getting shot a second time by smoking your area and preventing the enemy to know where you moved, even if shot to the engine or transmission (you still have momentum to move you forwared for a few meters).
Survival against ATGMs is also a big point, since some like Hellfires and Spike will never hit a smoked target.

Also, to be honest, they added dozer blades. How many people are using them? This APS mechanic would not be as time consuming to implement and it would add some depth to the world of LWS: