Raam segol aps

The following posted slightly above you would be a much better implementation imo:

This way they would be useful because it can also detect non laser guided ATGMs like TOW-2 and BILL.

It is.

Which is the bare minimum considering just how lazy Gaijin are regarding Israel’s ground TT. They haven’t added to Israel any unique vehicle since launch. Every vehicle added is a copy of another.

Regarding features, Gaijin added optical target tracking to some IFVs a while ago when they added the 2S38. But Israel didn’t receive that feature.

Exactly. This update arl is Copy+paste (maybe exept the F-20) Please give us something unique

Israel would need to have IFVs to begin with. And then most “tracking” features are IR based IIRC, of which Chaparral and Machbet have.

Honestly, it’d be nice if they had the actual function as a toggle. Could be handy in Sim.

Optical tracking is not exclusive to IFVs. Some Israeli MBTs have that capability IRL - specifically everything after and including the Mark 3B. At 11.0+ Israel has no SPAA so some self defense capability vs helis would be appreciated.

I don’t know about Chaparral, which has no need of tracking because it only uses IR missiles and no guns, but the Machbet tracks via radar. It’s a dish antenna on the turret.

I think you mean the Hovet uses a tracking radar.

The Machbet has no radar and uses TV tracking thanks to its optronic sight system.

It would be Hovet that has radar dish, being original M163 configuration. Machbet replaces it with FLIR (and laser rangefinder?) for tracking and ballistic calculation.

Chaparral also have IRST on the vehicle, which can help with bypassing flares.

MIM-72G are plenty nasty against jets already, if they would have optical/contrast seeker it would help against helis but alas it isn’t the case. And dunno if Python 4/5 used by potential SPYDER had one, I wouldn’t expect it to get immunity to IRCM dazzlers because snail. For using currently tested Derby, it would need to be AIO model with radar set and because of multipath, ARH SAMs are likely to be ineffective against low flying jets/helis.

Yes I meant Hovet, sorry. Machbet hardly qualifies because it’s not a vehicle you can really use against ground vehicles, and the FLIR is really the only thing it has going for it considering how dumbed down it is compared to its real life capabilities.

The Chaparral is nice if you can get a missile out, but very often you can’t. With only your hearing and the Mk.1 Eyeball for spotting targets, it’s really difficult. And as you mentioned, it’s really not going to cut it against helicopters with its complete absence of close range weapons.
The ADAMS would have made much more sense, but since it doesn’t exist in any other tree from which devs can copy it, chances of its addition are extremely low.

In another topic, Gaijin intends to add the original Sho’t and Tiran 5Sh to Israel. These are very unnecessary vehicles and hopefully Gaijin deletes them in favor of vehicles that can be added and provide value to the player.

What do you guys think are the odds for the devs to implement this?

Probably very low to none.

Still worth trying, though. It would be a waste of a unique vehicle’s feature.

Why do these threads exist then?

Because it is still better to talk and reason about it so that it might be possible to find a solution, than to just ignore the problem.

Some people would like to see this in game, even if it is a minority.

I agree that they should implements it as MAW as the bare minimum and on Russian dev stream:

with autotranslated english subtitles I understand that they will model it like that. That there will be indicator with direction that missle is approaching.

@Smin1080p or somebody is possible to get some confirmation that it will be implemented? Not just normal LWS?


The radars of the APS were modeled in the xray viewer in later updates of the dev server, so they might indeed be working on a sort of missile warning.


That would be great, I hope they will at least add this function!