R73s Being flared instantly from inside 1.5-3km

My R73s seem to be really letting me down from all but the most oblivious of players, the slightest flare and they seem to lose track of target and follow the flares? This doesnt seem right at all as they have IRCCM?

When R-73 sees flares its fov shrinkens to 0.75 degree. If enemy wasn’t in FOV missile will follow flares. Matra Magic 2 works same. AAM-3 and AIM-9M are disabling IR-tracker when see flares and activating inertial navigation and move to last enemy position.


But if you launch R-73/MM2 from distance lesser than 2km into rear hemisphere it won’t see any flares because plane signature will completely fill the FOV of IR-Tracker.


R-73s have FOV gating IRCCM. Once launched, the inner FOV of the missile shrinks down very small to .75 degrees. If there is a flare in that small FOV, the R-73 will still go after it like any other missile except the AIM-9M and AAM-3.
So to use R-73s to their best potential, you want to reduce the possibility of having the target’s engines and flares in the same area. Fire from shorter ranges as much as possible and try to prioritize side shots over direct head ons or tail chases.
It’s good to fire both an R-73 and an R-27 at a target when possible. If the target doesn’t notch, the R-27 will get them. If they do, you will have a clean side shot where the R-73 will excell. That is assuming WVR combat.


İt does get flared , even sub <1 km , had my R-73 get flared in rear/side 45* aspect ≈700 meters on a mirage today

The IRCCM on this thing is lackluster compared to 9M


Looks like it was nerfed after last lesson.

0.75 degrees , never was 0.5.

Tbh if they made it 0.5 this would actually make the IRCCM on it more consistent, it feels like R-60 super a lot of times , getting flared by 1 single flare

this isn’t true and you literally made it up


Another pilot said me that

ZPS = Rear hemisphere

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I have no idea where people are getting this idea from, it’s just false, we should go into a test drive and prove it with a clip, it’s easy to flare.


Thanks for the correction