R73M for Russia

I feel the Russia top tier should get the r73m because the nato country’s might getting the IRIS T
And Russia is not getting anything new accept for the r77

IRIS-T has been denied. And R-73M is much worse than IRIS-T.


Then correspondingly you’d have to add Aim9X, Mica IR, PL8C and Iris-T as well. Nothing like the R27ER crushing the rest of the field should ever happens again.


No, cope :)


You guys already had a good run with an overpowered R-27ER that outclassed everything for more than a year.
Have a sit and learn to deal with actual balance.


IRIS-T, R-73M, AAM-5/5B, AIM-9X, etc aren’t ready for War Thunder.
War Thunder’s flares don’t even have good frequency simulation yet.

Calling radar missiles OP… lol

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The R-27ER outclassed every single SARH missile for the longest time wether on kinetics, tracking and turning. The only drawback of the R-27ER is that you had to commit to one target at a time (as every SARH), but that’s it. You can even use it as a dogfighter missile if some general conditions are met.
With the upcoming missiles, the field will be way more leveled than it used to be, Russia doesn’t need any new missile unless everyone else does as well.


Top tier Soviets sure could get the R-73M and the game would be fine with no other additions.

Perhaps some tweaks to other missiles would do the trick to get perfect equivalence between nations.

Well no, not in the near future. There would be lack of equivalents for the Soviets.

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No nation is getting Gen 5 IRs anytime soon. Otherwise I want ASRAAM for the tornado.

And R-27ER is getting some notable nerfs. Combined with multipathing changes. The yawning chasm between R-27ER and other SARH is about to shrink quite a bit


One of these missiles is not like the other.

Lol. Lmfao.

Yeah, no.

Absolutely not, Ivan. You don’t need it whatsoever.


To be fair, R-73M isn’t IIR. To my understanding, R-73M is just an R-73 with a bigger gimbal, so they could easily add that now and it would be no issue.

Doesn’t it also have notable G and range increase allowing for higher off-boresight shots?

(And of course Gaijin would buff it’s flare resistance over R-73)

Ah yes, because the schizo voices in your head tell you that IRIS-T might(???) get added, Russia needs a brand new missile which would be leauges above the competition NOW

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A german main did ask for it to significantly buff the F-4F ICE (before Aim-9Li were added) but it was quickly denied and shut down.

But yeah, it is kinda insane to ask for it on what is probably gunna be one of the strongest top tier jets next update

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Well, I don’t think so but I’ll defer to @_Fantom2451 since hes more of a Russian missile guy than me.

But there does need to be more discussions over the implementation/addition of Python 4 and R-73M. Pushing for these missiles would mean that AIM-9M and Magic 2s would have their reports implemented,

Yeah, wouldnt say no to both getting buffed. Aim-9M lock ranges need fixing ASAP and was rather disapointed by the Magic II recently on the Jaguar IS. I now get why the french are annoyed by its state.

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I thought you were Alvis saying something smart. Then I saw him calling you out.

🤷 Gotta appreciate the consistency.

We’ll probably see the same pattern happen with ARH as with the R-27 once it hits public. That’s my guess anyway.


It didn’t outclass other SARHs though in anything other than kinematics, which does not matter as much as people claim.
“I won a dogfight cause my R-27ER pulled 18Gs of its 35G capability!” Something no one said despite that being the common G-load an R-27ER will do at close range.

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