R73M for Russia


Bruh PL10 is way too good tho, it’s more relevant to MICA NG or R74

do you even play top tier… or does the R27ER having a mach 5.8 top speed and arguably the best maneuverability mean nothing to you. the missile was a guaranteed kill due to its “TOI” vs other SARHs. or does Aim7s having slower top speed (mach 4) and worse maneuverability just wash over that head of yours…

Thats not even touching the gimble limits of the radar its self, or you just gunna ignore the fact soviet radars (Mig29SMT) with its 90/-90 limits while pretty much all NATO stuff is limited to around 60/-60. which also plays a huge part in why that missile has dominated top tier for a while. you can often end up launching and being almost unlockable if you get the gimble/notch right post launch to keep lock making you almost unkillable by fairly skilled pilots who use radars to there absolute limits. while NATO not only have to use a slower missile and less maneuverable but also with worse radar gimble limits which often lead to NATO jets being prone to getting spiked and potentially clapped by the faster R27ER.

So how you can even claim it didnt outclass others is actually comical af. you have had some seriously bad takes but this one tops the cake for the worst. the ONLY SARH that came close to top speed was the 530Ds but thanks to utterly garbage seekers and radar that thing would pratically smell chaff and get spoofed.

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Also with better seeker and İRCCM

I pity the poor fools who never worked out that you could avoid any Sarh missile in the game really easily just by flying low, which is why the 9M was meta despite the R-27 being better than its equivalents. Too bad, looks like thats not going to be a viable tactic anymore wit the multipathing changes. Good luck in any non spaded or non meta vehicle with missiles that are still effected by it from now on.

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The top speed it never reaches cause no one plays it at 12,000 meters in altitude, and a manueverability it’ll never see cause people play it at low altitude.

Neither of which are relevant when I defeated the host lock before they even launched while terrain following.

R-27ER fragged me once this year in air battles.
Same with AIM-7F/M.

It’s as easy to defeat R-27ER as it is to defeat AIM-9E currently.

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because it is much better irl


What the hell…?

I’m a War Thunder player that played DCS for 500 hours from 2021 to present.
I learned how to defeat all radar missiles in 2021, and that knowledge made it so when even AIM-7Fs were added I was largely immune.

So yeah… SARHs, all of them, which includes the R-27ER, are as easy to defeat for me as an AIM-9E.
And with the knowledge everyone can have it as easy, which is both a scary and impressive thought.

Ah, the context changes it all hahah

Indeed. As you said, defending against radar missiles is a matter of actual tactical knowledge, which is why I am glad multipathing is being reduced to 50m.

Until now, no one ever bothered to learn anything regarding radar missile defence because they could just fly anywhere near the ground to become fully immune to radar missiles.

Now… wow, people will have to learn how to defend. And when that happens, they will realise that Air RB is not “going to become unplayable”, unles they refuse to learn, that is.