R2Y2 must be lowered to 7.3

R2Y2 keiun-kai must be lowered to the 7.3 in RB desperately.

Seriously, this is hilarious how plane with absolutely no speed, no secondary anti-air weapon, and bad cannons must face such planes as SAAB-105 or cougar, which have air to air missiles and faster than r2 by 150 km/h on average!

So, the main reasons for this are:
Bad cannon ballistic
Bad speed in horizontal flight
No armor
No secondary weapon
Nerfed engines


I have no idea how they went from 6.7 to 8.0 whilst also losing their airspawn and the 30s nerfed.


They were extremely overpowered when they had bomber spawn which drove up statistics, then they uptiered them to 7.7 and lost the airspawn making them really questionable, then only good players played them so they end up at 8.0 and useless


Cannon ballistics are still good.
Speed is mid for 8.0.
Nearly all jets lack armor.
Bombs are secondary weapons.
2200kgf of combined thrust… no nerf.

R2Y2 also easily dodges AIM-9Bs

It went to 8.0 cause the cannons are among the easiest to learn while being on a very forgiving flight model.


Speed’s absolutely ridiculously poor for 8.0, a good chunk of aircraft a full BR below you can just run safely…

It can turn well for one or two (though not well enough to beat an unrealistic monster like the SU-11 at 7.3, the BR bracket it should be in) but loses energy fast.

Cannons are certainly nice, but don’t save the mediocre speed, especially now that the tracer belts are no longer higher-velocity…

With no airspawn, I don’t see a reason for this thing to stay at 8.0- 7.3 to fit in with the JP Ground lineup there would be nice, and certainly wouldn’t hurt to have it fighting more WW2 aircraft it can actually… Fight…

…Oh, yeah, before I forget. The ridiculous camo challenge on V1 needs changing, either to both base bombing and vehicles destroyed or just to vehicles destroyed, given base bombing in one of the slowest aircraft of its BR range with a ground spawn isn’t exactly fun or easy.


…And seriously, as an addendum to the section in parentheses in my last post, how on earth is this thing at 8.0 while the SU-11 is 7.3?! The SU-11 is better in basically every single way but ammo count, and the first-world “downside” of engines overheating at max power…


The speed of the HEF-T round (which makes up the full Tracer belt) was pretty noticably nerfed. Went from ~920 m/s to 770 m/s, from memory. Still usable, but nowhere near as good as they used to be.

Speed is only OK to poor depending on the MM (Just about everything at it’s tier that isn’t a Vampire can outrun it, anything above it will smoke it), acceleration is pretty poor though. It’s very easy to energy fight them.

Literally everything that isn’t a B-29 or Tu-4 can easily dodge an AIM-9B. Even for those two, you can switch off your engines to cause the missile to lose tracking. This is a very pointless metric.

The guns are no longer particularly high velocity. Hispanos and M3s both have higher velocity. It only beats out the Soviet 23 and 37mm (and only slightly compared to the 23mm), and the low velocity German guns (Obviously). They hit hard, but the lack of fire rate hurts their ability in deflection shots. I would not consider these guns particularly easy to use anymore.

As for flight model, it can turn. That’s pretty much it. Even then, it cannot outturn several more dedicated turnfighters, like Meteors or Vampires. It bleeds speed pretty noticably in these turns, and cannot get it back easily (Similar to most early jets, but this is at 8.0). It can’t energy fight most things due to the low max speed, poor retention and poor acceleration.

The single advantage it has is it’s climb rate, which when combined with it’s previous airspawn let it get a massive energy advantage early despite the low speed and jump on planes that couldn’t outturn it. But now, without that airspawn, it cannot bank the energy it needs to win fights without seriously passive play.


Sea Venom: “First time?”
No, seriously, R2Y2 despite being a fictionalized design based on a misunderstood late WW2 design is surprisingly fast.
The ammo is still high velocity despite the correction.
Granted… should it be 8.0? Maybe not, it shouldn’t be 7.3 since it’s superior to every 7.3 in the game.
Su-11 dogfights worse, and has worse guns.

Speed bleed I haven’t noticed, but I also flew things that far less energy such as F-84G [which should have ground spawn] and Su-11.

The only Meteor I’m aware of that beats R2Y2 is my Mk8 at 8.0 and even then that bleeds more speed to do it.

As for 770m/s… 900 gave me my 2 1300 meter kills in the same match. 770 has been fine for me.

It’s like he tries to say the silliest shit possible


You really are at war against the entire WT community.
If anyone doesn’t share your exact experience, you insult them and demean them & their experiences.

I’ve fought against Su-11s more times than you.
I’ve also fought against R2Y2s more times than most as well as used my R2Y2.
I know the R2Y2 will beat an Su-11 in a dogfight far more times than it’ll lose, cause that’s exactly what I did and what happened to me in my Su-11.
R2Y2s are dogfighting monsters. I did well in my R2Y2 back when I was bad at fighters, and I still do well despite being average at best in cold war fighters.

Try and guess which aircraft is which 🤔

Judging by your reputation here, you’re the one at war with the community.


Well R2Y2’s TWR is 0.36; so the one on the right is the R2Y2?
2200kgf / 6100kg [700kg fuel + 5400 empty].



Su 11 was op on 7.0, now it us just very good. Keiun-kai is trash on 8.0

I think the real issue is the stupid op SU-11 and being at 7.3.


The Gaijin special, double nerfing a vehicle because both departments probably have zero communication with each other and they’re both tasked with reducing vehicle efficiency… so they increase the BR and remove the airspawn… I haven’t touched them since.

Any departments just means interns feeding the hamsters.

1.3 BR increase whilst being heavily nerfed, completely nuked… man this game makes me tired.



That said, that guy is joking in the reddit comment because it was never unagile afaik. It’s always been a good dogfighter.

It was good because the air spawn gave it a significant early game advantage, without it there’s nothing of interest.