R2Y2 must be lowered to 7.3

I guess 7.3 is questionable but, would be fine at 7.7 with attacker spawns.

F-2 Sabre vs R2Y2 is laughing bag

how is 7.3 questionable?

It’s not op at 7.3. Most 7.7s are better most 7.0s are worse.


I spaded them at 7.7 without airspawn using a controller and finished with:

R2Y2 Kai V3 18 games, 83.33% win rate, 23:8 K:D

R2Y2 Kai V2 13 games, 61.54% win rate, 31:6 K:D

R2Y2 Kai V1 18 games, 61.11% win rate, 20:10 K:D

They would be complete nonsense at 7.3. If 8.0 was mostly 7.7, 8.0 and 8.3 they would be fine, but sadly most 8.7s are too good for anything lower than them and tricky to play beyond 9.0/9.3.

Compression beyond 8.0 is a significant problem.

Ive spaded the V1 and nearly spaded the V2, done a few upgrades on the V3

I played a bit of Air RB with the V1 at 7.7 and quickly came to the cunclusion that they were pretty unfun to play at that BR. Good if you can get into a dogfight, but the enemy had free choice of the engagement almost 100% of the time and you just had to react to them when they came, you could not gain the altitude or airspeed nessecary to prevent that (unless you spent the entire game sideclimbing by which point either your team had cleaned up or were all dead anyway)

I thus have since flown them exclusively in GRB. They are pretty good in GRB where everyone is forced into low alt and low speed, and you can dunk on people with your turn rates at those alts. (The big bomb is nice too)

The cannons are strong, less strong since the nerf (though also stronger in GRB since you get a decent ground targets belt now), but still good enough.

I havent felt a huge difference in them being 8.0 in GRB just because of the nature of that mode, but in ARB i had already written them off as unfun to play and struggling to compete in ARB at 7.7, at 8.0 they’d be flat out unplayable.

The fact the Su-11 is 7.3 and is easily equal but probably better than them is just pure icing on the cake honestly.

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Wasn’t even an impressive jet series to begin with & it got it’s collective ass beat by Gaijin.

For what? Utterly ridiculous.