R27et underpowered?

With the addition of aim9m should the r27et recieve a buff? It is a bvr missile that cant lock 4km out whilst a short range air to sor missile such as aim9m can it is easier to flare then the aim 9m dont know ablut you guys but in dcs that thing is a monster it wont track flares even front aspect but i forgot realism only matters when its about the us side as they typically start complaining when they realise their tech isnt that superior


I don’t think it should get its full capability its front aspect is quite sad rn but there are none like it until probably mica ir, and don’t compare it to dcs because dcs doesn’t care about game balance not that this game is perfect at it. Not to mention dcs flares is a lot of rng.

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I think it will be too late too give the r27 its capability when mica gets added it will be the typical too late too little since mica can track through clouds as to the balance part of dcs it forces you to play to the strengths of your plane it is pretty balanced if you look at the servers warthunder players dont know how to play they just throw their planes around and hope for the best.

I think it should get buffed in seeker range but not irccm just not to its full capability because it is a very capable missile.

I agree

Do you expect this post to actually make a point? Including this line at the end devalues the post pretty much entirely and devolves it into a nation main crybaby thread real fast.

You definetly didn’t see all other comments section then,… russia included,…

Everybody mainning a single nation will complain to have best stuff,… that’s EVERYONE.

Therefore such comments as yours only proves me right, saying that you fight for you own Main TT.

No im not complaining that aim9m is too op im just saying russia should get a long rsnge ir seaker which should be r27et yet it isnt.

Try using R73s instead

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Flares are a little too effective right now over all. Also no missile in the game is getting its actual range and maneuverability. 9Ms should be able to lock at 5 miles. Gaijin doesn’t want us to start matches with BVR missile shots because they don’t have maps big enough for that.

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5 miles is WVR, not BVR.

As was Magic-2 for 3/4 years until finally getting some of the real values,…

Magic-II was artificially nerfed for that long you see,… therefore i do not qee why R-27ET should have preferential treatment if it’s seeker is even better.

R-27T/ET has an anti-interference probability of 0.7

Haven’t unlocked thrm yet

Ah… Aim-9M were added to counter R73s. R27ET are a niche weapon system for unique situations but R73s are meant to be your primary IR missile

Unfortunately this is the case currently however r27et should be the stealthy lomg range missile which it Unfortunately is not

Yes i do.

However it is ineffective and one flare from front aspect should not flare of a missiles designed too ingage front aspect targets from beyond visual range that are using flares.

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Friendly reminder that Russia get two new missile (R-73/R-27ET) while US and other three nations get one Missile (9M) enough is enough for Russia


and we nearly didnt even get that much.

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