R27ER is horror

I’ve invested a lot of time into the MiG-29A (Germany), whether facing Uptiers or not, it performs exceptionally well with the R27ER. I can almost guarantee 1-2 kills thanks to it, which feels unfair. I can easily maneuver to a favorable position comfortably and engage in BVR combat with everything that isn’t an R27ER. Even if I make a mistake, I rarely pay the price due to the R530D or AIM7 being outmaneuvered.
Perhaps some may think that hugging the ground is all it takes to be safe, but sudden altitude changes and attack angles can be a death sentence for those enemies hugging the ground. One must be wary of the altitude and be attentive to dozens of surrounding adversaries.
We need a counterpart for the R27ER, or at the very least, remove them from aircraft at 12.0."



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We just need the sparrows to be fixed, instead of whatever goofy ahh guidance they have going on right now where they frolic around and chase the moon. Apparently the R-27Es are overperforming too, but I don’t know anything about that.


AIM7 is just AIM7, no more buff

Notice how I said fix, not buff. They’re absolute garbage right now and most of the time go and chase fairies, or miss a guy flying straight not manoeuvring at all. They’ve been broken for a few patches now.


The R27ER along with the R73 (+other nation variants) is the single biggest plague of top tier since the MiG19 vs F100 meme… Not only the 27ER is out of this world when it comes to performance, but the devs also refuse to fix it due to some random sekrit dokuments they got their hands on that support the current performance.

These documents are probably of the kind that some Russian dude made up so that he wont be sent to the Gulag back in the day, if there even is any data that the devs used instead of pulling random numbers out of their … head… In game its a hypersonic missile for the love of God, not even the Russians ever called the 27ER a hypersonic missile…

This missile is already in one of the greatest sims of all time, DCS. Instead of even using the missile data from there (which is very easy), they make their own broken thing and throw it to us without a second thought. Same goes for radar simulation, ground clutter and so on… Its just a very poor job overall. Then they went ahead and added the R73 in game, out of the blue for whatever reason… Its equivelant being, the AIM-9X… If you want to add a great fox2 capable of thrust vectoring, be my guest but add it to all nations that have missiles of the same more or less capabilities…

Hugely dissapointed by the current state of the game. One step back, 2 steps backwards. They listen to some “special” ppl complaining in the forum about the Phoenix or whatever and they immedietly rush to “fix” the game so that these ppl stop complaining. There was some guy even sugesting to add the R77 to “balance” Russia not having a Fox 3 missile… There are no words to describe the frustration that has been caused for so long and the devs are solely responsible for. The only way to make them listen is to actively try and hurt the game like back in summer…


Are you asking for AIM 9X
Seem like your having a skill issue using your 9Ms


Typical answer from this community and part of the problem.

R73 = AIM9X … They both have thrust vectoring, they both have the same or similar range and they both do the same job… You and the likes of you are just stuck on some sort of feedback loop/ echo chameber and refuse to open your eyes or ears…

“BUT THE 73 IS EZ TO DODGE AND THE 9M IS HARDER” no its not lol, they are both equally easy/hard to dodge with proper usage of countermeasures. But the 9M is nowhere near the 73 when it comes to maneuvering capabilities. Yet somehow this is a skill issue ? LOL…

And just to see how much of a special person you are, I am not even playing aircraft that have the 9M. Check my profile if you want…


A missile that was compared favorably to the Aim-9L is somehow equivalent to one of the best imaging seeker missiles?

Man i dont get where people get these takes about the R73 and R74

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Yeah it is 9M IRCCM works fine at longer ranges whereas the R73 works better the closer it gets making it easy to flare at range but hard when close but 9M have better IRCCM range so they can be used a range and hit more likely due to the IRCCM
Crying about it having TVC and can pull more doesn’t justify the need for aim9x

SRAAM = Aim-9X boys. You heard it here first.

But no, even if some weapons have commonalities does not mean they are they “the same”

SRAAM ? lol what do you think is the difference in range between these missiles ???

Idk, what do you think the differences of these missiles are?

They all have thrust vectoring smh, dont you know that means they are the same?

So now an f1 = prius, since both have an engine and 4 wheels…

You joke but if they actually modeled SRAAM properly and fixed the issues (lack of all-aspect, fixed its range and fixed its guidance issues) it would actually be a really good weapon system that I would gladly take on all high tier British Jets (was slated for the Phantoms, Jaguars and Tornados) . Only thing it lacks is flare resistance, but so do Aim-9Ls and Aim-9Ms 75% of the time :P


So should we do the same with NATO RWR and thermal pods because they are 3 steps above USSR ones? With this logic it’s unfair too.

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Am I trying to argue with people, or some different kind species altogether ?

Give other countries missiles that the Soviet tech tree are unable to obtain equivalents in offcourse!

it just to show how stupid your argument is.

The difference between the 73 and the 9X is M I N I M A L. I mean, how do you so easily disregard any argument made? Have you guys spend any time researching or are you using some sort of wisdom you found in war thunder XD… Seriously, what is it ?