R-73 for Su-25BM of the upcoming event ok?

The primary good news for pilots is the digital avionics of the new aircraft. A multifunctional display (MFD) and an HUD indication are now available in the cockpit view. The updated avionics make it possible to use advanced air-to-surface weapons. In addition to the truly diverse arsenal of the basic Su-25, the Su-25BM 558 ARZ offers Kh-29T missiles with a TV guidance system (up to two missiles at a time), as well as KAB-500Kr guided bombs (up to four of them). Both new weapons are of the “fire and forget” type, preventing the target from detecting incoming munition with its radar warning system.

High-torque, maneuverable and fast enough, the Su-25BM with an armored cockpit and protection of vital components has no obvious shortcomings. It is ideal for attacking ground targets, both in the old fashioned way with unguided rockets and bombs, as well as with advanced avionics. Guided missiles R-60M and R-73 give a good chance to defend against enemy aircraft. What you should avoid on the Su-25BM is speeding in a level flight or dive, where a heavy attack aircraft has a chance to lose control and collapse even at speeds of about 1,000 km/h.

Do you think this super IR missile should be introduced with a event vehicle?


It’s a good way to get data.

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It’s a good way to test it as it’s on a very bad air-to-air platform so there isn’t much chance of it being game breaking however if it is too good i feel it could backfire quite significantly as I imagine the R-73 is the main reason most people are going to grind the jet so if they decide to remove it I imagine it’s gonna ruffle some feathers to say the least

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Yeah, A-10 with AIM-9L @9.7 come in my mind, as it was introduced to War Thunder.

Sooo…any equivalents for the other nations?

No :)

No pendent to DICM, nothing for Vympels, nothing for R-27ER.

They won’t remove it, they’ll just change BRs of the aircraft.

They do it because they know a lot of people will pump money into it instead of play the grindy ass long shit events with terrible quests
so by adding r73 to it, they can easier encourage people to pump money into this game

That’s quite literally not the reason why.
The reason why is to do a controlled test of R73s on a predictable platform that can become 12.0 if necessary.


R-73 (left) vs Python-3 (right)


That tested with the current R-73 code in WT?
Updated today.

Yes, tested just a few hours ago. (Tbf, the R-73 was working before this update at all)

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It’s literally scary how much it can turn, I hope they put flares at height to avoid this missile

Sure if you say so, or they could use the dev servers they used for the last tests of the r73 which got it to a playable point which it is now. lol surely it is not cause people have to buy. or any number of platforms already existing.

What dev server? We’re at least a month away from the nearest dev server.
And they need to test for future implementations of IRCCM missiles.
It’s an event vehicle, no one’s forced to use money.

he meaned the last test server, they were available their for some time

They weren’t on the most recent dev server at all.
And the last dev server they were on they were in an unusable state for both the pilot & the people they fired on.
The current iteration of R-73 is vastly different to back then.

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this vehicle su25 sm is the most modern vehicle added in the game to put it in perspective.

No one “knows it all”, not me. No reason to insult others.
Doing a full test requires manpower. Hundreds of battles, thousands of players.
Gaijin does not have thousands of players working for them. WE are the thousands of players that can do this, on live server.
And no, money won’t get you it instantly. You have to wait for the last start to activate before you can obtain it. At most, it’ll save you 90 minutes over free to obtain players. You still have to wait 13 days from start to finish.
And neither of us know if it’ll be the strongest missile.
9M & AMRAAM are not in workable states currently, which you’d know if you read datamines.

There is no dev server going on, and waiting for one is reckless if you’re planning something for the next major update that requires this data sooner. Su-25 is “broken” in that it’s too fragile, but all damage models are too fragile, it’s not unique to Su-25.

And no, Leopard 2PL is 2020, 2S38 is 2023, and so forth.

how can i test this??? i really want to test this.

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