R-60Ms need to go!

Why does the MIG 23ML and MLD need R-60Ms? Compared to F-4S and F-4J, they have comparable radar and radar missiles (if not better). They are ridiculously fast and manoeuvrable. They have yet another all-aspect IR missile (R-24T). Why do they need the R-60M?

I am saying this because every time I get hyper focused on notching all the radar missiles, somebody R-60Ms me from some weird aspect from within 1KM. Sure, they are easy to flare, but when launched from 1KM, nobody even notices them.

My point is, even if the R-60Ms are horrible, you still have to worry about them and it takes away your focus, giving edge to the MIG pilot.

Your situational awareness needs to improve, not removal of a very short range missile. If you aren’t aware that another plane is within 2km of you, that is on you my friend.


Because they may want to have radar missiles. They cannot mix the T and R variants so they would either have to take only IR or SARH and r60s.

It’s not just about that. Even if you are aware of a MiG 23s presence, you need to constantly pre-flare or risk being shot. And thanks to Gaijin, you’re wasting chaff along with it.

It is about that. R-60M(K)s are not great missiles. Very short range, but good pull off the rail. If you are within 2km of a plane that has R-60M(K)s and you aren’t aware then you are the one that failed in that situation. Also, I don’t know of very many people that use chaff at 11.0+ because you can notch/outmaneuver the missiles more often than chaff will do anything because of the MTI/PD Radars. Unless you are dumping 4 reinforced flares at a time, you should have plenty to flare off a few R-60M(K)s. Become more aware of your surroundings, and you will not have this issue any longer.

In terms of the other missiles they carry, The F-4J/S gets 4 IR missiles and 4 SARH missiles compared to the Mig-23’s 4 IR and 2 SARH (or longer range IR on the larger pylons). The US planes get two extra SARH missiles, and the Mig-23s get short range all aspect IR missiles. Good trade.

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how ever, A10 can take AIM9L4 in 10.0, Tornado can take AIM9L4 too in 11.3 but you dont cry about it

Remove them. 9L is useless on A-10 anyway.

The US has no 9Ls or any all-aspect missile before 12.0, except on the A-10, a premium A-10, a premium A-6, and an event vehicle.

As I said, it’s not that I’m unaware of the aircraft. It’s the fear and the pre-flaring. It takes away a bit of your attention.

That’s what I always hear, yet somehow every Soviet and German main jumps up to defend them.

Here’s a question for you…

Would you be okay with Phantoms or F-5s getting AIM-9P-4?

Because its true.

You have to be close enough so that your pilot can slap the enemy pilot to ensure the R-60 will have enough range to intercept is target (well exaggrating a bit but point stands).

This is the first time hearing about this.

provide source

It depends on the Mig-23 in question, only the MLA and MLD can but the rest can’t.

Open custom loadouts and try to make one like that,it wont let you.


so what? the ARB is not only Big3, you cant solely use USTT as an evaluation criterion, not to mention that F4 can take at least 4 AIM7 with PDV radar

If you’re incapable of noticing a guy 1km away from you its literally on you, there is literally zero reason for you to ever bring chaff at top tier currently just bring flares and randomly pop one when you think theres someone near you

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Because R-60Ms are comparably good missiles at that tier. They have a much stronger pull than the AIM-9G or AIM-9H, but they have a really short burn time and are super easy to flare. R-60s in general are really heat sensitive, they’ll lock onto anything, so they absolutely love flares. Plus, the R-60M is a very short-range missile. If you have any level of situational awareness, you’ll see them coming. I tend to not launch them until 1.5 km away from the target at most because they’re just that short-range. Seeing them is not hard, and a signle pop of flares is all you need to defeat them in 98% of a cases.

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if you want your vechicle go up 0.7 br then go ahead