R-60Ms need to go!

As I said multiple times, it’s not that I don’t see the enemy…
Your advice is to just keep dumping flares constantly? Because in most RB matches most of the time, there are always multiple enemies nearby.

Why are you flaring constantly? They have 4 R-60’s, each easy to flare.

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no, you just look at what is going on and pop a flare when they fire one at you.

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Literally yeah if you cant keep track of multiple enemies you need to change how you play or start dumping flares randomly, instead of flying into 4 enemies focusing on 1 and then dying becuase you forgot the 3 others existed stay at the back and third party instead


Exactly. 9Gs and 9Hs all have longer ranges, but that is not really an advantage. If you fire a missile at 5KM, the enemy will have ample time to see it, change course or drop flares. Having a faster, agile, all-aspect missile can surprise the enemy.

All IR missiles except the top ones (9Ms, R73, 9L etc) can be decoyed with a single flare, so there’s not much difference there. (The R-60M sometimes even ignores flares because it is launched from so close, it doesn’t even see them.)

You’re saying the MLD should be at 10.7 without the R-60s?

Its a massive advantage. Firing from high above when the enemy has little chance of knowing you’re there. And the missile goes “stealth” with no marker when it runs out of fuel, but still has enough energy to hit.


when someone is within 2kms of me its pretty hard to be s u r p r i s e d

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If the enemy is blind and flies in a straight line, then yeah.

And yet you complain about R-60M’s


Yes. In one situation you have 1.5 seconds to react. In another, you have 15.
Which one would you want to be in?

Its an R-60M, you don’t need 15 seconds to flare it.

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They’re comparably good, but nowhere near OP. First of all, longer range is absolutely an advantage. They have a longer range and longer burn time, so you don’t have to get sucked into the furball. And longer burn time means that they can hold speed for much longer, unlike the R-60 which is the definition of a turn and burn missile because it can turn insanely well but can do literally noting else and even in a straight line loses all of its speed once its burn time runs out.

Furthermore, the R-60 is much easier to flare than any other missile in the entire game. The AIM-9B and Shafrir 1—the worst missile in the entire game—eat flares less than any of the missiles in the R-60 family do.

You don’t need 15 seconds to flare an R-60. In War Thunder, situational awareness is key. You need to be looking around. If you can see the R-60, 1.5 seconds is more than enough time to flare it. Just turn slightly and dump any amount of flares, and it will go for the flares 98% of the time.


Thank you for the advice.
I know that R-60s and 9Gs are focused on opposite things. My point is that R-60Ms are more useful in how current RB matches turn out to be.

In my experience, I’m being shot down a lot more by R-60Ms compared to any sidewinder. Maybe someone can pull some statistics about the average number of kills for both R-60M and 9G or 9H?

people constantly complain about the A-10 being too low lol

I’ve never had issues with flaring R-60Ms, 99% of the time they’re 1 pop lol

Sure, remove R-60Ms and make them 0.3BR lower. 10.7 Mig-23M.
F-4J has a superior radar, superior radar missiles, and superior rear-aspect missiles.
9Gs are superior to R-60s.

Also stop afterburning…

I don’t have access to the 9G/H vs R-60M/MK statistics. If you are in the middle of a furball, R-60Ms will shoot you down a lot more because R-60s are the premier dogfighting missile due to them being able to pull 30Gs right off the rails. If you like to stay out of the furball, you will die to 9Gs/Hs more because the 9G/H has a much longer burn time.

I would recommend staying out of the furball generally because it’s much easier to maintain situational awareness when you don’t have 5 planes on every side if you.

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Longer range is massive advantage when firing from certain positions.

Only if you count the HMD, which is just a QoL upgrade.


R-24T should pretty much counter that. You can’t probably mix T and R (?), but regardless, the enemy could be carrying them and they out-range the 9G by quite a lot.

MiG 23 also has ridiculously high acceleration and flight performance.