Quitters / 1Death Leavers need to be dealt with

You don’t abandon your Team that relies on you in a Multiplayer Team vs Team Game.

They are entirely ruining the Fun in Matches and predominately Top Tier and immensily unbalanced them.
So many Matches are decided not by who has the best Players but who has the most people respawning the most i.e. sheer mass advantage ultimately.

At Top Tier it is ridicilous with every Match ending in not even 6-7 Minutes with half of all Players having already leaved halfway into the Match. You can’t get even get any proper RP with such short Matches.

Such unsportmanslike behaviour and quitting mid Match should be more punished several not by Crew-Lock one Nation, which does nothing when you only field one Vehicle to begin with, but by temporarily banning entirely from Matchmaking.

In other Games when someone quits mid-Match it is way more frowned upon and the Person either gets replaced by a Bot or can be replaced by another Player but here it just completely unbalances the Match when its an 16vs16, out of 32 Players 20 will quit and move onto next Match within 3-4 Minutes and its ultimately decided by the Side with more remaining Players and you sometimes end up facing three to four times as many Enemies as you have Allies.

And the vast majority doesn’t leave due to bad Maps, Match being lost, Heli Spawnsniping, Repair Cost etc. after hundreds of Matches at above 10BR i can confidently say that by far the most people are just Quitters and can’t handle being destroyed once and won’t even think about respawning i.e. trying further and immediately call the Match ‘gg’ and move onto the next Match where they will do the same because there is also absolutely no consequences for this type of behaviour.

But often times it is exactly that one more Respawn which decides the Match, i have had so many Matches where even only after my fourth Respawn i managed to gain a lot of Kills, the Enemy Team despite clearly dominating throughout the whole Match started doing Mistakes and we won because we had a handful of Players sticking to the Match, respawning and trying further.
And so many Matches where we lost despite clearly dominating and the Enemy only having left basically nothing of their Tickets but we started making Mistakes and they had a few respawning like four to five times defeating us and snacking the Caps under our Nouses.
Matches where i activated a Booster only to not encounter a single Enemy before the Match was decided and ends due to everyone having leaved, its beyond ridicilous.

But over all it just ruins Top Tier. And this people only hurt their own Progression because by just quitting and giving up every Match you won’t make any decent Grind either and i fail to see how thats any Fun at all ‘playing’ like that.

Sticking to a Match to the End, which is like the most basic thing in MP Games what one should do, and not abandon your Allies halfway into it, fighting to the End and respawning more often is what will give you the most Rewards because the longer a Match lasts and the Victory Bonus are the largest Factors in what influences your Rewards - but that shouldn’t even matter as even w/o any Grind at all it just Antisocial behaviour to quit it after having joined a Match.
As i wrote above it is often the second, third or even only after the fourth Respawn where you make Kills, Enemy makes Mistakes, one Time i even got a Nuke after having done basically nothing in my first two Spawns but then had a crazy Round with my third Spawn but even if it is a Defeat - so what? Happens even when having tried your best. Some Battles you win when not trying at all, some Battles you lose when giving your best. But every Match is going to suck when you won’t even try, quit and abandon your Team and the Match the second you get shot in your first Spawn.

Its time that there finally gets something done against this behaviour.
Temporarily ban from Matchmaking as a whole and not just Crewlock one Nation, allow quitters to be replaced by a Bot or another Player and for Premium Ground Vehicles (NOT HELIS) allow one free Respawn and or require people to have a Line Up consisting of more than one single Vehicle in order to be able to queue in for a Match could work.


tl;dr more like they need to fix the shitty monotone gameplay. If I have a shitty game I simply don’t feel like respawning, most of the time is just pointless


That’s fine and all, but there’s a certain group that are ONLY spawning once, and only intend to spawn once…

They don’t get crewlocked unlike you with your choice…

That’s the difference.

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Are you talking about the premium monkeys? Yeah I agree with it mostly. Infact it’s the only reason as to why russian winrates for top tier arent 90%


And how do you know its a Shitty Game if you don’t even stick to it until the end?
Just a few Days ago i had a Match where i died to BS and did basically nothing aside from a few Hits / Assist in my first two Spawns and we were getting stomped as well and then i respawned with my 8.7 TD PTZ-89 into the 10.7 BR Match and managed to get a few Kills and we ultimately won with like four-five people left because we all respawned three-four times while the remaining Enemies just quit despite them having been in the clear majority and dominating the Game, they would have easily still won if just like two more of them had Respawned one more time but people just quit and give up when they are killed because somehow a lot of people can’t handle that…

Like i even respawn a fifth and sixth time if i can despite it beforehand having been a ‘shitty game’ i stick to it and don’t abandon my Team, for the Enemy its not fun either when theres no Enemies on the field because everyone just gives up and the Match ends in five Minutes…

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When you topfrag constantly 8/10 games, have around 5k hours give or take. You start to know. I mostly play RU top tier because I have a complete lineup.

The amount of games I have to carry because the entire team is dead 3 minutes in and gone after 1-2 deaths. It’s called pattern recognition at that point, I can tell how the game will end. But if it’s even 1 or 2 people left in my team, and if they are trying, I usually stay. Infact I love those type of battles. Few actual teammates that are fun to play with…

Maybe allow Premium Ground Vehicles one free Respawn…or prioritze the Game (Balance, Fun, Matchmaking) instead of going full on Monetization…would still make way more than enough Money from Premium Accounts and Skins/Camouflages alone especially with this high Playercount. Theres enough F2P Games with far less Monetization who don’t even have any other revenue but from Skins, and you still can often grind those in them, and make more than War Thunder does annualy.

Because as of now it just ruins most Top Tier Matches.

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Well thats my whole Point…most Matches simply over in no Time because of all this quitters and at the End you maybe have 1,2 or 3 people left actually trying and playing the Game but it can be those few people turning it around and maybe win. Maybe lose.
But so many people just can’t handle being destroyed regardless whether the Match is being won, lost or whatever.


This is a horrible idea.

This I support.

The best solution is to reward staying in the match, not punishing those who leave. There are reasons why people 1DL, and most of those are because of faults with war thunder, mainly being map design and abysmal matchmaking. Can we not punish people for wanting to have fun? This is a video game, and its not a competitive game. I 1DL lots of the time because gaijin cannot design a good map.

Because 99% of games are won in the first 10 mins


Actually I know a good solution that gjn will not implement. Add SL&RP modifier for respawns (and playing with them ofc)

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Nope because it will force people to stick to a Match they joined and commited to.
In every other MP this type of behaviour is largely frowned upon and some unheard of (or no problem because they can be replaced with Bots / other Players) but here its just the norm to join a Match and then quit it and as of now theres absolutely zero consequences to do that. Once they are severe consequences for this behaviour most people will stop doing it.

Theres no excuse for abandonding your Team in the middle of a Match you joined in, its a Multiplayer Game and not a Singleplayer.
And the vast majority doesn’t do it because of ‘Map Design’ or losing a Match, getting a Uptier - those are just excuses, most people simply are quitters and thats it. People also used Repair Costs as excuse - now that they got decreased and Dynamic Repairs were added and it did absolutely nothing against the quitters.
Now people say its ‘Map Design’, Uptiers…even in full Uptier you can only face like ~four Enemies in +1BR Vehicles and not necessary you that encounters them and you get more Rewards for destroying them.
And yea i don’t like all Maps either and wish one could ban more than one Map…but Map Design is no excuse to just leave the Match and give your Team the middle finger.

And 99% of Games are won in the first 10 Minutes because 99% don’t even last ten Minutes and the most Players will have quit the Match at no five Minutes so it obviously is decided quickly.


I was about to put that before lol… Self-fulfilling prophecy.

  1. That disregards the possibility of facing tanks 0.7 above you
  2. The rewards are so similar there is barely no difference.

When the tank you are using cannot work on the map you are given, you wont want to spawn more than once. There is not a single actually good map in war thunder, there is only bad, and tolerable. I play video games to have fun. I should not be forced to not have fun. What if none of your tanks are good for the map? Should you be forced to be basically food? Should someone be forced to not have fun?

The day gaijin can design a good map, that doesn’t funnel players into 3 corridors, doesn’t allow for easy spawncamping, and doesn’t make certain types of vehicles perform very poorly is the day I will never 1DL.

War thunder is not a hyper competitive game, it is casual game. If you want something competitive play SQB or sim or something like that.

Those are both valid excuses to not want to play in a match anymore.

Punishment is never the answer. Punishing people will just drive away players, and kill the game. What is everyone’s obsession with insane punishments?

Just reward people for staying in the match, punishing those who don’t is a fucking stupid idea and it will harm the game.


Why only use a single Tank then? I doubt every single Vehicle in a Line Up is going to be bad at one Map.
I use every Vehicle i got in my Line Up on every Map i get and have 0 Problems, sometimes even respawn with 8.7 TD into 11BR Matches and still get Kills occassionally regardless if its a City Map, big or small Map.

And what a good Map is personal preferences. I like the City Maps and some absolutely hate them and only want big Maps whereas i dislike those.

You can also create Maps as there is a Map Creator Tool and maybe they add it into the Game if it is good - but theres like no one using it.

Doesn’t have to be hyper competitive either its just idk common sense and proper behaviour to not be a quitter and abandong your entire Team again and again in every Match you deem ‘lost’ or ‘bad Map, gg’.

I play lots of other MP as well and no one does that in any of those Game (95% of the time at least) regardless if it is a Shooter, RTS or really any PVE / PVP - ranked or just for fun like PVE’s, people stick to the Match they joined and don’t abandon their Team and if they do its often not so much of a problem because they get replaced by a Bot or another Player (or can be controlled by another one like in some RTS) and theres plenty of garbage Maps in those as well.

And ‘bad Map’ or ‘Uptier’ definitely isn’t a ‘valid excuse’. At 6.7 Germany it was also always 99% Uptier and i still managed to get an almost 2:1 K/D, Winrate between 40-50% but still didn’t abandon my Team and played to the End and still prefered City Maps despite Germany being apparently weaker in those than other Nations.

And you already get Rewarded for staying in the Match - by doing so you earn lots more RP through match length alone, the longer a Match lasts the higher are the Rewards.

Punishment actually is the answer and works in other Games as well, in fact in many you not only get banned from Matchmaking after doing it to often you even lose all your Rewards earned in that Match if you leave it before it ends. No problem with quitters in those ones.

Other games with real big punishments are competitive one with long matches. War thunder is F2P grind game. Bigger punishments will just drive people off. And punishments in other games are mostly for ranked matches. Like, in Overwatch you can easily leave from casual matches.


To begin solving an issue, you first need to understand what causes it. And if you fix the things that cause that issue, then the issue will not exist.

You can’t solve the issue of 1DL without first understanding why people do it. People want to play a video game to have fun, which is something war thunder severely lacks sometimes.

If you fix the main reasons why people leave after 1 death, they will stop 1DL. War thunder needs to become more balanced, and most maps need to be reworked in order for this to truly happen. War thunder needs to reward players who play the game more.

Would you rather be punished for not doing something you don’t enjoy, or rewarded for doing something you don’t enjoy?

As for your response, you don’t consider peoples perspective well. People don’t want to play in a match when they are going to have a negative experience in it. You can’t beat a player into doing what you want because then they will just leave. War thunder doesn’t reward you enough for fighting a whole battle, it’s often more efficient to grind a single tank by 1DL over and over.


Main Reason is that most people doing it are simply quitters. For some of course the Map being bad or an Uptier is reason enough to abandon their Allies and the Match but the vast majority simply can’t handle it being destroyed and immediately quit.

Gaijin could significantly increase the SL/RP Rewards, make good Maps (if the Community would care so much as often said why is literally not a single person using the Map Editor?), remove Repair Cost as a whole, do xy with CAS and Helis…it would solve it for some people but the majority will continue with that behaviour.

And just going in with one Tank and 1DL definitely is not the fastest way to grind and all is just talk about Grind this grind that but completely ignoring the Game and fun. If you just tunnel-vision on the Grind the Game is never going to make fun and once you are finished with the Grind there is going to be nothing but emptiness and no purpouse.

And the length of a Battle does impact the gained RP a lot, its very much significant.

This is by far more of an Community Issue than an issue from the Game itself and very many people are also passive aggressive af, i write ‘GLHF’ before every Match i play and theres more people telling me to ‘KYS’ in response than people writing U2 / thanks in return…

There are justified reasons for leaving a match even before you’ve spawned ONCE. Seek to address those reasons.


Of course its competitive, theres even a Leaderboard in the Game and what else is a MP Team vs Team Game if not competitive even if they were no Rankings or Squadron Activity etc…

And regardless if it is competitive or just some PVE you don’t give your Allies the middle finger and quit halfway into the Match because one thing isn’t going perfectly. You just don’t do that, its like the most basic thing in Multiplayers - you don’t abandon an ongoing Match because else don’t even queue up in the first place when you are just going to leave and find everything horrid about it, whats the point of even playing the Game when you find every Map bad, tunnel Vision on the Grind and leave everytime with 1Death?

I can’t possibly imagine thats fun for someone. Its plain and simple anti-social, unsportmanslike and egoistic behaviour which doesn’t do any good to yourself nor anyone else in the Game.

They quit because the match isnt fun, is it that hard to understand?

Make the game fun when you are in unfavourable situations and that will solve lots of issues with 1DL, and with the game as a whole.

What map editor, no one even knows there is one, and this is news to me too.