Queue times in arcade can be wild, is it just me?

I play from Italy, CET timezone, and my internet runs smoothly most of the time (no lagging so far, have been in the game for almost two months). I usually play in the late afternoon and evening.

My issue is that I get one-two minute queues now and then, and I don’t understand why. Is there a shortage of players and so it takes a while to form teams? Are there any other problems I should be aware of?

Before committing to the game, I’d like to be sure I can actually play it.

Because officially MM searches for a match +/-1 BR of your vehicle. Theoretically, there are no players for the match, even though there can be 80 people in the queue and you are still waiting. In practice, it works so that the MM has to balance both teams and there is not an ounce of randomness there.

The same thing is happening to me, I’ve been seeing for several days how it takes much longer than usual to find 7,3 games with 130k players.
Something is happening