Questions about the MiG-23

It is not a good idea to limit the capabilities of the MiG-23 MTI radar.
In the environment of air combat in 11.3, this is an obvious problem. The vast majority of fighters have a PD or near-PD radar mode, which limits the MTI of the MiG-23, which is quite unfair to a lot of players who spend time and even money. As a player who cares about the balance of the game environment, I think it is acceptable to adjust the maneuverability of the MiG-23, and it is also acceptable to add an MTI mode to lock onto the speed gate of enemy aircraft. However, the official adjustment that restricts the player’s ability to operate the radar is unacceptable to any ordinary player!

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The game focuses on realism cough cough and that’s just one of the aspects that is affected. MTI only works when looking at the ground because it has a lot of clutter when looking upwards towards the sky because of the way it processes signals so it was heavily overperforming

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Therefore, I think you should know that the BSV-SC mode of the MiG-23’s sapphire radar, that is, the full-altitude moving target selection mode that uses a DKP differential filter and a speed screening analog circuit, is mainly used to deal with enemy aircraft that have cast passive jamming (that is, chaff), or to screen real targets in bad weather and ground clutter environments. This mode needs to be manually switched by the pilot, and the system also uses a single pulse mode for search and tracking, which has the ability to look down and can be used at full altitude.
Dude, don’t forget that the game planner said something very unrealistic: reload time is just a game balance

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To be honest, I’m not fantasizing about how strong the MiG-23 is, but the basic requirement as a player is that many people spend time and even real money to buy an aircraft that will work at least in an environment of 11.3, and a PD-like radar mode is essential

It isnt unrealistic. At least no less realistic as the other option.

First of all, I have to admit that I may have mistyped the word. So I’ve got to be sure, man, are you talking about tank reload time as a means of balancing the game? Do you think this is a reality?

Saying that a tank reloading at a resonable rate is not less realistic than one reloading at its maxium rate.

Still would be rather unrealstic for an abrams to be reloading at sub 5sec while ramping up hills at max speed and hitting buildings and what not

Admittedly, the reloading speed of the M1 tank already made me wonder if it was the T800 sitting in it. Speaking of which, in addition to the Japanese and French tanks, the Chinese and Russian tanks are slowly waiting for the 7.1-second autoloader to reload

Officials should provide the option for players to choose whether the radar is automatically controlled or not, and the automatic switching of the radar is redundant for many players, and the player has full control over the radar

He’s talking about auto-switching radar modes being bad (it is)

yes, bro, who can accept that the official crosses the player and makes a mess of the player’s radar

They explicitly said so several years ago.

It’s a pity that players can’t do anything about the game official