Questions about game mode in air battle

Hello everyone so i have a question about the air battle game mode and i wanted to know is it possible to choose the type of battle that we want on ps4 like ground attack mode only or do i have to go whit what the game give me? Cuz if i can choose the game mode without any penalty to the gain of rp that be great. So if y’all know how to do it for the ps4 player let me know how to do it please.

ps: am tired to have air domination every time🙂

You’ll get out from air domination once you get a bit further up in the BRs…

There’s a section of low BR where you really do just get Air Dom so much it’s just about reliable to get (1.3-1.7)…

Ok thank you for letting me know🙂👍

No worries.

Also just so you know, check the efficient vehicle listed in the statcard for the one you are researching… If you use that, you get an RP boost towards the vehicle being researched (If it has one listed).