Question to the mods: Can we get a list of how much TNT we need to destroy bases on certain maps?

As the title says it would be nice that for bombing we could get at least some information how much TNT load I have to drop on maps with 4 Bases and how much I need to drop on maps with 3 Bases.


Is it that hard just to learn for yourself? It doesn’t take but a couple runs to figure things out.

It changes with BR. And with bomb types.

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Would it be so hard to just get some information the to this date we have no information for bombers since release of the game.
And why do you act so hurt of this simple request?


Simple tasks such as bombing can easily be learned by… Brace yourself… Playing the game!

I know… Crazy right?

If you googled, there’s been various spreadsheets and test performed by players to make that information available.

It may be out of date if you find an old source, but generally they are pretty close.

Yeah they are out of date.

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You’re looking at the wrong ones then…

The latest refer to here

While it may not match, it’s something towards what you want to look for.


Thanks never saw this list always just old spreadsheets posted on Reddit.


Yea, you gotta search for more terms… Instead of TNT, search for ‘base bomb war thunder’ I think I even threw in spreadsheet, which led me to the ‘latest’ posts about it, which then led me to that link.

Googling is such a skill xD

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Yeah actually it is. lol.
It takes really elaborate spreedsheets to document all the variables of BR and the game mode to determine what tonnage is required per base. Complicated by that it uses “TNT equivelent” and not the bomb’s mass (total or in filler).


You could have been nice instead of acting so arrogantly.

I was actually being happy… It’s not that hard to take offence obviously…

Like, hell, I threw out the keywords and suggested the variance to help you out in the future, and you take that as arrogance somehow…

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Maybe because of the " Googling is such a skill xD " ?

Because I actually hinted at the keywords to educate you…

There’s nothing arrogant about sharing information and helping people out.

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It’s actually very hard to learn how many bombs it takes to destroy bases in the game, because of how many variables there are:

  1. BR bracket, which is made worse when you’re in a plane that can change BR brackets and need different number of bombs on the same map.
  2. Bomb types: different bomb types of theoretically the same weight have different levels of TNT
  3. Not all maps have the same number of bases, and not all maps have bases which have as many hitpoints as in other maps.

Ideally, each base should display how many bombs or TNT it requires to be destroyed, so you know to drop the correct amount.


Nice summary!

I would like to clarify your number 3:

  1. Especially at prop tiers you will find maps with 3 non-respawning bases, at very low tier 4 non-respawning bases and the standard maps with 4 respawning bases with increased heath. So in Air RB the base health in the BR bracket 2.7 to 4.7 varies from 0.5-0.6 tons of TNT for a non-respawning to 0.8-0.9 tons of TNT required.

I would like to add:

  1. In addition you have to consider the “small bomb bonus” - resulting in base kills with 0.25 tons of TNT dropped (9x60kg) despite the base health is 0.5- 0.6 tons of TNT. You can test this with the Battle Pass B7A2 - the 800kg bomb with 0.42 tons won’t kill a non-respawning base; 9x60 kg with 0.25 tons kill it.
  2. Napalm or the German “Flamm” often finishes already damaged bases without any TNT dropped value on the scoreboard - found this whilst spading the new He 115 .
    2 C 250 Flamm kill a base, a SC 500 or 2 SC 250 not and the scoreboard says 0.001-0.004 tons of TNT dropped with 2 C 250 - whilst an enemy bomber had dropped 0.36 tons of TNT killing a single base…
  3. Unguided rockets and “Special” cases: Some pilots are killing either almost finished or complete unharmed bases with massive salvos of unguided rockets. It looks llike that even very small TNT output of each rocket benefits from something similar like the small bomb bonus, small TNT load of the warhead is producing disproportional damage. In the old forum was mentioned that some other pilots were able to finish bases with HE shells from cannons. Last but not least - below 5.0 some respawning bases “vanish” if they are ~95-98% damaged and respawn as a new base without giving the pilots the “base destroyed” score - and ofc no SLs and RPs…

So indeed - base bombing is more complex than the majority might think…

If you add number 4, 5 & 6 to your list this looks like a “mission impossible”…

Edit: Tested He 115 again, now 0.004 tons of TNT for a base kill :-)
Edit 2: Forgot rockets and rare “special” cases

Would be nice to finally get some QoL changes for bombers


Very hard for whom? For the Gaijin developers equipped with access to all the variables, it amounts to nothing more than a simple mathematical operation…

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Yeah man, just learn the ever changing amount for all BR ranges and every single bomb in game. It’s not that hard.

It’s not like the devs have access to all this data and can easily just tell us what we need to know. I’ve been playing for over ten years, used bombers for a very long time and even I have no idea what to drop.