Question regarding incendiary bomb base damage

I have never used incendiary bombs much outside of a few GRB. Tonight I thought I’d try them out as I spade my SU-25BM. I dropped 5 on a fresh base based on the 250 explosive mass listed on the ZB-500. The base was destroyed, all good, right? Except, I was only credited with .005 base damage. No one else hit the base. I checked the replay to be sure. Was this a bug? or am I doing something wrong with the incendiary bombs. Should I drop less and let things burn? If so how much to kill a top tier base would I need?
Thanks in advance.

“TNT damage” is very low with napalm, yes, but this only really matters if you want to complete a battle task or something that requires a certain TNT amount.

For rewards and tickets, the napalm bombs give similar rewards like normal bombs, I think. Especially for bases they’re often a more reliable and easy to use solution as for example some aircraft have mixed type bomb loads which are impossible to use with CCRP in one attack, whereas the napalm bombs usually come in “more practical” quantities regarding CCRP and ripple settings.

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From what I´ve founrd out during the event is that if you want to go for points everything with more TNT damage gives you more points e.g. 10 1000lbs with the F-4C you get two bases and around 1500 points, with Napalm its around 1100 to 1200.

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