Question how can they see you under trees in realistic battles

This is a question how can enemy aircraft that don’t have ground radar see your tank underneath trees without a hack I’m continuously getting bombed in my tank blown up underneath cover when I have problems seeing anything on the battlefield when I’m flying a Jet so I want to know what’s up with this!


You may of been scouted, at a cap capping, shooting, using your MG’s or you just killed them and they are revenge bombing you

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Things just don’t render


Well, I wasn’t seen I wasn’t scouted because of the fact I was underneath cover beside the building where nobody could see me and I didn’t kill anybody’s tank when I was there or before I got there it’s just this is an impossible thing, but it happens all the time! And nine times out of 10 it’s done by a jet they don’t have a bombing radical where the bombs hit the ground at.

What BR, and what are you using, also what @ULQ_LOVER said, depending on what gfx settings etc. Replay s might help


You hve no way of knowing that.

And you also don’t actually know whether they are aiming at you either - maybe they aimed at something else and missed.

Why don’t you link to some replays and check what happened?


You can never know if you have been scouted. And apparently it wasn’t impossible, proven by the fact that you indeed died to the bomb


Give us links to said replays, in replay you will know if you have been scouted etc. You know how it works you got 30k+ matchies under your belt


Type in “” then click “community” then click replay then click to name of player who bombed you out, then click number 2 which can showing what was pilot looking at that would help you to see how he was searching and found you.

Planes should not see vehicles scouted or makred on the ground, nor should they see capture zones and they shouldn’t be able to hear engine sounds 200 meters in the air inside a freaking plane.

Make them work for it.

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Spotted the guy without a CAS-Pilots-License :^)

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I mean when I’m flying CAS it’s still annoying I can just look for tanks by flying over the battlefield and listening to where they are by pinpointing the audio source despite flying 200 meters high at 500 km/h if not more, yet somehow I can hear a tank under a tree.

Same thing with helicopters, you don’t look for them as you just listen for them.

Welp, in case of helicopters, thats how the game works.
Although I never tried to pinpoint a tank as a pilot by hearing it lol, will give it a try, thanks for the Tip :)

It’s pretty easy, once you hear something you rotate the camera a bit so you can hear the audio direction changing and then you pretty much know exactly where they are, doesn’t matter if you’re flying a prop or a jet or whatever.

Not that you really need it considering you already get all the markers and whatnot.

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I have no markers in GRB… oh you mean scout markers?

Whenever someone is scouted or shot at… or you just look at the caps being taken.

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Its movement that allows me to notice enemies in bushes and trees like that when im in the air, even just turning your turret can allow me to identify you as an alive tank rather than a dead one when you are hidden in shadows.

I really do struggle to find stuff even when i am in a tank, idk if its because im on xbox and using a 48" tv that is 3 meters away or the 1080p resolution or just me. In the air i have to wait for makers, as for air to air combat i do it with my eyes shut and listen 😀