Question how can they see you under trees in realistic battles

Yeah the screen size and resolution really change things.

I upgraded from a 23" 1080p monitor to a 27" 1440p monitor and things immediately became much easier to see, and finding both enemy tanks and planes became way easier. I was suprised how much easier honestly.

My next investment/ treat is going to be a 4k tv

We use our eyes.

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Yeah I use my eyes too but the only time I can see a tank is if it’s out in the open running across the field from the air unless I’m in a helicopter and have thermos too but I’m talking but from a jet flying at about 600 miles an hour or above, and doesn’t have ground radar I can’t find a ground target unless somebody lights it up you know scout marking or a map marker but when No one can see you when you’re under Trees and you have a building on the only side of your tank that is blocking the view of the enemy because you’re kind of like in a Culver SAC nobody knows that you’re there then how does a jet drop bombs on you and this happens all the time in the game.

Can you show a screenshot of your position?

How old is your pc set up?

I trick i use is orbit till an enemy has been scouted, or is capping then dive on them, i gave up on trying to find them. This is why i gave an explanation above. How i said they found you, that is what you have to do

i was about to report this one guy once because i could not see him and he shot me twice. i had a team mate to my left that would be able to see him better if there was a line of sight. so i went and see the server replay. the guy could see me just fine. for some reason wich i cant explain 1 tree just wasnt there for him.

stuff like this happens, ppl look at a place were yuore completely hidden and see you and sometimes youre out in the open and 2 or 3 dudes pass right by you


sometimes also but in that case when i saw the replay i couldnt find a reason i couldnt see him and he could see me. i mean he could clearly see me, not just my turret.

99.9% of the times its just unfortunate situations or, like in the last few days, server lag. just punch the table, cuss the devs out and move on…

If you were talking about ground to ground then I have had a lot of kills through trees/bushes by spamming the range finder because the commander has eagle eyes that he could identify targets through thousands of bushes. I usually spam range find at a hit marker although I couldn’t see anything lol, sometimes I lucky I accidentally clicked on a target, I believe someone has said they reported me for hacking lol

I have also spammed the range find, its good against tanks with bush camo

I actually liked that feature because it made the commander useful, once he is dead we can no longer use the range find to identify targets and track their current position through bushes, too bad he can only see through thousands of trees/bushes but can’t see through smoke puff lol

I did not relise that only the commander can do it

1 more very important thing. AIR BRAKES. When your in orbit and you find or get a ping of said location and you decide to dive, use your air brakes, if you have not got them throttle down, if your in a prop with out, use mec and put prop pitch to 100 and throttle down, dont do this with germanm props through.

This will give you more time while you accelerate to you death