Question about planes in GroundBattle

So, I have a question and maybe someone can help me out with it. First, let me give a little background for reference.

I exclusively play Simulation for planes only. I’ve played them for years, and I generally know how each plane operates and performs in regards to each other.

Now when playing GroundBattles, I play realism. When using a plane for realism, I use mouse and keyboard for the simple fact that if you use a joystick you are at a disadvantage. (aka mouse laser aim).

Now here is my question/problem. I’ve been unlocking my Japan tech tree for ground battles and have noticed when flying my planes… they aren’t turning the way they should. I have planes that should have no chance to out-turn a zero, turning inside me. And these are planes that aren’t even high energy bleeding to pull the turn, these are planes with below optimal speeds out-turning my zero.

I’ve looked over the controls and tweaked some things here and there, but no matter what I do people are outturning me. WHAT am I doing wrong in realism that’s making this happen? Is it some control setting I’m not familiar with?

The realistic and arcade mouse and keyboards standards controls do not allow you to turn in the same way as in the simulator, the equivalent in the simulator would be to play with the SAS in flight stabilization.

The only way to get the same flight performance would be to change your controls to “full device controls” but that’s like playing with the mouse as a joystick

Zeros definitely still out turn everything in RB, but the plane is going to follow your mouse, and in mouse aim you arent always going to get the full extension of your control surfaces to give maximum performance.

I have my ailerons and elevators assigned to WASD on my keyboard, (Q and E for rudder) and use them heavily in general to assist with the mouse controls. Because they are a push button they extend the surface to the max, which can help get that extra turning circle, the ailerons can also allow you to roll the plane in ways the mouse aim wont do by itself, which can give you more rapid and accurate movement.

Also remember in RB the flight models are a bit more forgiving than in sim, and the instructor is going to prevent the plane from doing anything that might cause you to flat spin or lose control that is possible in sim, so flying “carefully” to avoid that is detrimental to yourself. Yank that stick as hard as it will go and dont worry about losing control.

I have done what you did Zekken, with WASD and setting them and rolling then holding S to pull hard into a turn, I find I’m still not being able to turn tightly like with a joystick.

I noticed that if I use mouse control I can’t turn off virtual instructor. I believe, and I was wondering and both of you kinda confirmed that, that’s what’s preventing me from doing my UFO turns. He wont’ let me “risk” my plane so I can’t use it to it’s full potential.

What I’m finding is that even with WASD and their output set to max, my plane can’t outturn anyone else. Which leads me to want to use my joystick so I can, but then I have to compete with lazor aim which is okay I’ve done it most of the time. I just feel kinda like I must be missing something else for people to be turning inside me if we’re both using mouse aim.

Can you post a video clip of what you are doing?

A6M5 is my favourite plane in the game, and I am a japan main for both air and ground. I have never had any problems easily out turning anything while playing mostly RB.

So Id like to see what you are doing and maybe give you some pointers? Unfortunately Im at work at the moment and don’t have any clips of my own at hand to post here

Ok I went through my discord DMs and found one clip lol.

Its not the best for pure turn rate, but it still shows its possible.

I would use what your comfortable with, which is the joystick. Your used to having to lead the targets, and no tags so controlling the aircraft is your main concern.

If you can pick your fights and fly competently you’ll find that many GRB pilots tend to be more concerned with the CAS side of the game. I’ve seen many, many pilots ignore enemy planes just so they can revenge bomb the player that killed them.