Pzh 2000 german Archer system

The PzH 2000 is a highly mobile and flexible weapon system which is deployed in both conventional missions as well as in asymmetric mission scenarios as indirect fire support. The fully automatic handling of the onboard supply of 60 projectiles and a highly effective 155mm/L52 gun enable maximum effect against targets with a high rate of fire.

The fire control system and ammunition matrix can factor in already introduced as well as future NATO ammunition types (JBMOU-compatible). These properties make the PzH 2000 the most effective barrelled artillery system in the world.

Developed for joint operations, the complete autonomy of the overall system in command, navigation and fire control, as well as its system-inherent stability opens up entirely new mission options (such as firing on moving targets, encampment defence, etc.).

The PzH 2000 meets all international requirements for a modern barrelled artillery system – the armed forces of eight nations currently rely upon this versatile superiority. More than 360 systems have been produced and shipped to date.



  • Superior combat range (currently < 54 km) and large battlefield coverage thanks to the 155mm/L52 gun

  • Combat load with 60 primed projectiles

  • Automated operation and graduated operating modes for semi-automatic and manual operation

  • Fully automated projectile loading system with inductive fuse programming

  • Fully automatic electrical gun laying system

  • Optics for direct aiming at up to 2 km

  • Fire control computer with integrated ballistics calculation and radio data transmission connection to an artillery control system

  • High-precision navigation system, with or without GPS support

  • All-round self-defence thanks to mounted MG and smoke grenade launching system (weapon station optional)

  • NBC protection and ventilation system

  • Cooling and heating system and additional enhanced-performance power generator

  • Automatic fire detection and extinguishing system in power pack compartment and a fire extinguishing system for the crew compartment

  • Commander periscope with day/night vision and laser range finder as observation and command equipment

  • Built-in test equipment system (BITE)

I have founded this information on PzH 2000 - KNDS

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I think PzH 2000 is the most advanced by “passed to developers” between any SPG, I don’t know that one Russian big box (2S19),

Surely they could add these feature of ballistic computing and other in some sort of April Fool’s event to test. Like some kind of “Suppress the enemy forces and support units in the front line!”

Due to more SPH vehicles slowly being added, im sure the Devs are aware of this thing and will eventually add it.

Already several suggestions in:

After the M109 C&P session. I really hope they actually add some native SPH systems sooner rather than later. Abbot and AS-90 are the ones I want

self propelled Hun