PzH 2000 A1 - 60 round Gunslinger

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PzH 2000 A1

PzH 2000 A1, PanzerHaubitze 2000 A1 is German-born 155mm self-propelled artillery system.

I think the PzH 2000 is Germany’s iconic self-propelled gun and worth seeing in the game.
Hope to see this in-game in the near future.


In 1987, Germany BWB (now BAAINBw) launched a project for the new SPG because the PzH 155-1 project was failed.
Consortium South(Krauss-Maffei, Porsche, KUKA) and North (Weggman,MaK-Kiel) have enter the project.

South consortium built a six-wheeled hull made of components of Leopard 2; the North consortium built seven-wheeled hull and used Leopard 1’s technology.
As a drivetrain for both prototypes, MTU’s engine and RENK’s transmission were used.
Weapon systems were provided by Rheinmetall.

During the development phase and comparative studies, the WTD and army actively participated to test prototypes, provide advice to companies, and implement necessary decisions at the beginning of the project.

North consortium takes contract because of better ammunition flow and turret system.

Between 1991 and 1993, four similar prototypes were built (PT01 to PT04) by North consortium. The hull was built at MaK and the turrets at Wegmann.

From September 1993 to march 1995, driving dynamics and performance, weapons, navigation system, weather condition and etc… tests were went on.
During the test, the vehicle was exposed to extreme weather ranging from -30° to +50° , fired 17,400 rounds and travelled 20,000km on and off road.

On march 14 1996, the German Ministry of Defence issued a production contract for a first lot of 185 PzH 2000s to Wegmann & Co. The contract had a value of DM 1.7 billion.
Wegmann served as a prime contractor for the project. but in 1999 the company merged with Krauss-Maffei to become Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG.

The first series-production vehicle rolled out on 01 July 1998, and it delivered to the ArtLehrBtl 345 in Kusel.

At the same time, when the last series-production vehicle was fielded, KWS (combat capability improvement) program was implemented and all vehicles were modified into A1 version.
Therefore, all currently operating PzH 2000s of Bundeswehr are not less then A1 versions.

Part of improvements was an automatic air pressure governor for the rammer of auto-loading system, which replaced a manual one. and strap system of the driver’s seat was replaced by a new one. most important thing is all the vehicles were fitted with a more powerfull data processing unit for the operating and control system.



  • 5 Crew ( Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, Loader)


Rheinmetall 155mm L/52 Howitzer, JBMOU compatible
  • Horizontal 360°, Vertical -2.5° to +65°

  • V0 945m/s (L15A1, 6 Charges)

  • 3 Rounds in 10sec, Up to 12 rds/min

  • 60 Ready projectiles, Stored in the hull

  • 288 Moduler charges, Separately stored in 48 cylinders at back of turret by 3 sliding doors

  • 7.62mm MG at turret roof, 1,200 rounds


  • Protected by welded armor, Up to 14.5mm MG and 152mm shrapnel

  • Add-on 60mm “Hedgehog Armor”, to protect hull & turret’s roof from shaped charge bomblet

  • 76mm Smoke grenade x8


  • 11.7m / 3.5m / 3.4m (L / W / H)

  • 57.6t with add-on armor (55.8t without add-on armor)

  • MTU MT 881 Ka-500 (736 kW, 1,000 PS at 2,700rpm)

  • RENK HSWL 284C (Max 62km/h, Forward 4 / Reverse 2)


PERI RTNL-80 Commander periscope

PERI-R19 mod Panoramic telescope

TN 80 Tank sight
  • x8, up to 2,000m

  • Night Vision


  • L15A1 HE

  • DM111 HE

  • DM121 HE

  • DM131 HE-BB

  • DM702 “SMArt 155” DPICM

  • DM115 Smoke

  • DM116 Illumination

  • Other NATO Standard munitions

  • DM72 / DM92 High-zone Modular Charge

  • DM82 Low-zone Modular Charge


Hedgehog armor

File:Panzerhaubitze 2000 Dachschutz.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Charge storege

V0 Measurer

Panzerhaubitze 2000 – Wikipedia

Ausrüstung und Technik: Die Panzerhaubitze 2000

Smoke grenade

Panzerhaubitze 2000 PzH 2000 A1 Walkaround | Panzerhaubitze … | Flickr


Panzerhaubitze 2000 PzH 2000 A1 Walkaround | Panzerhaubitze … | Flickr
DVIDS - Images - Dynamic Front 22 [Image 1 of 8]







PzH 2000 02 - KNDS
















Panzerhaubitze 2000 A1/A2, Tankograd in Detail: Fast Track 14, 2015





12rds in 59.74 sec (Youtube link)

Charge rack (Youtube link)

Charge rack (Youtube link)

DM121 (Youtube link)

L15A1 (Youtube link)

L15A1 (Youtube link)



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The main feature of the Panzerhaubitze 2000 A1 is the 155mm L/55 gun with its cradle.


I would like to see such a trumpet on PzH-2000

A quarter of a century later, the Germans began to move with the modernization of their self-propelled guns. It is planned that the PzH 2000 will be equipped with howitzers with a barrel length of 60 calibers (9.3 m), which will bring the firing range of the OFS to 48 km, the standard APC to 64 km and the created HE-ExR to 155 km, which will make the car the longest-range system in the world.

Ukraine also operates it, in fact I think they’re the only ones to ever use it in combat.

+1, suitable at br 7.0-8.0

Kinda seems like it should be here by now, no? +1

added, thanks

It will fill in nicely with all the other howitzers present in-game.


Would be a decent addition as the first mid-high tier SPG for Germany/Italy.

The recent addition of the K9 Vidar makes me want the Pzh2000A1 even more. More firepower and armor for less HP/T ratio, sounds like a blast

I have a question. I read on KMW website something about a protected magazine for the charges.
Is it like blow out panels or does it just mean that its protected from shrapnel and small arms?

I think it is blow out panels. I read same descriptions from many book

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I love it +1

Hopefully one day we can actually play as arty instead of big gun tank hunters

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Where is the Pzh2000 the Swedish TT got the Vidar and the Japanese TT received the Typ99 the Pzh200 should have been implemented in the German TT since kings of the battle


The first photo in Operators → Germany is a PzH 2000A2 and the Hungarians have PzH 2000A2s

whats the A2 got over the A1 or base model?

Add air conditioning system, better APU (SEA 8kW), MMT Baracuda net.

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To complete MBDA_Meteor’s commentary

Here are two Walk Around
The first is the PzH 2000A1

The second is the PzH 2000A2

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