PzH 2000 A1 - 60 round Gunslinger

thanks, ill take a look at these late, looks like a cool website too. Hopefully the google translate will work for me

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+1 I hope it will be added soon

If you like, we can talk about it in more detail here German Tech Tree Ressources

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Today i was on the Tag der Bundeswehr 2024 Augustdorf
and there was also a PzH2000 and its crew, i asked one of them why there arent any Anti Concrete, solid head rounds anymore, like SAPHE rounds.
And he answered that there still are those, with the newer shells that can withstand the impact force and a Solid Nose Fuze are used to penetrate Concrete bunkers.
I suppose that would be also a awesome SAPHE round in game, anyone got more info on it?

Picture including the AP Fuze

The Small middle one.

I also found this on the internet.


Would be really cool to see. Considering that China is getting an anti-concrete shell on its 105s, I don’t think the same for other nations and calibers is too far off.

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Pretty simmiler to AC (Anti-Concrete) shell in game, maybe

They started to replace the AC shells in game by simply Saphe.
Also what i meant is, what stats it in game would recive, not how it would be classified.

Oh I see.
I think it will have performance between Merkava’s M339 and ZLT11’s BTM1.
currently KV-2’s SAPBC (old AC) have that kind of performance.
cause DM371 and L15A1’s combination is less specialized at penetraiting armoured targets, compare to old-school solid round.

but it have massive Kinetic energy. so It will be better than M338 I guess…





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I wonder what base shell would be used, so we could put it in gaijins calculator?

This shell is not a normal shell…
hard to calculate I guess

gaijin would use M107 cuz its terrible and they think theyre funny

They’d probs throw in a medium bag charge instead of a high one too just to really twist the knife

-2 gun depr is gonna be such a pain for such a tall vehicle

Arent these DM 121 even equipped with the AC DM 371 Fuze?
DM 121 with DM 371 AC
42,7 kg (without fuze, conciddering its partly a solid steel piece, i suppose its noticable?)
8,8 kg PBX filler
I sadly cant find the DM 371 weight.
But rounding it up to 43,5 and a velocity of 950m/s will give by the gaijins calculator 228,30.
Cince its SAPHE i suppose /2 = 114mm/10m pen.

I remember someone had a source for the explosive mass weight of DM121 It should be 11 kg with 15 kg of equivalent or something, yeah here it is

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And Reliabily penetrate 10 cm Of reinforced Concrete and detonade behind it.

Yeah, i was trying to talk more specifically about the weight of the explosive warhead, if it can pen that lenght with that ammount of explosive mass, oh boy that sounds like fun

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