Pz.Kpf.Wg M4A3 (76)W 748 (a) The longer brother.

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I would like to suggest the german captured M4A3 76(w), while the german tree currently has only the M4A2 75 as a super rare premium vehicle from long ago. This M4A3 76(w) would offer a further playstile with stabilizer (compared to the German firefly with less firepower) and as follow up to the 75mm M4A2.

The history of the exact vehicle is unknow, except that it was knocked out by a 90mm round and was in use in shortly befor the end in 1945 in Aschaffenburg. Where it was recaptrued by the americans (who aparently also took off the muzzle brake for some reason).

Tho unlike other nations this vehicle wouldnt be a complete copy as along other Beutepanzer and other Beutematerial the german army needed to use, reuse and modify the equipment they captured to fill their own holes. The tank would use new german made 76mm ammo placed in recicled casings as especially late war when the tides turned captured stock would perhaps be the most rare to see. Also this one still has the VVSS instead of the HVSS.

Pictures: (Click to show)


The German army produced their own ammo for lots of different guns and refitted and reused casings for the captured guns, from 15mm over 37mm, 47mm 75mm and 76mm of different nations.
Be it German Mg 151/15 projectiles in 15mm Besa, Czeck 37mm ammo in french and american guns, Czeck, Yugoslavian and Austrian ammo in 47mm guns, simple refittet 75mm rounds in other cannons (which was also the other way around earlyer in the war when M61 wasnt yet available and american units refitted captured K.Gr. Rot Pz for their M3 Lees) and 76mm made ammo for russian, british and american guns.

The Gun:
76mm M1 gun 71 round -10° to + 25° (Stab) and Coax 7,62 mm Mg

Pzgr. 39 APCBC 7,1 kg 80g Fp.02 und Np.10 (102,4 g TnTa) 790 m/s 148mm/10m


Pzgr. 40 APCR 4,15 kg 28x110mm 900 g Coreweight 1040 m/s 207mm/10m


Sprgr. 39 HE 6,25 kg 550 g Fp.60/40 800 m/s


The Vehicle:

Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 63.5 mm (47°) Front glacis
63.5-107.9 mm (13-77°) Transmission housing 38.1 mm 38.1 mm (22°) Top
38.1 mm (13-44°) Bottom 19.5 mm
Turret 63.5 mm (10-62°) Turret front
88.9 mm (1-74°) Gun mantlet 63.5 mm (1-72°) 63.5 mm (0-80°) 25.4 mm
Cupola 63.5 mm (55-56°) 25.4 mm
Top Speed: 43 / 6 Km/h
Engine: 500 Hp
Weight: 32,9 tons

Geschossringbuch I
Manual of the M4A3 76(W)
Warthunder Wiki M4A3 76(W)

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+1, this would make a great event vehicle

An M4A3 (76) firing German ammo? That’s wild! +1

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So sick of copy paste, being in a Sherman fighting Shermans ,being in a T34 fighting T34s f*** that man. Dont encourage them.


As i said with your other post, i find it extremely unlikely any of this ammunition was used in these tanks.
(more detail found on that post)


Would be fun event or Battle pass vehicle +1

Cool, hope next one is US tiger II stug III and Soviet Maus Panzer IV

My next suggestion are M3 GMC, M8 LAC and so on :P

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