Puzzling Fox-3 aircraft choices/additions

USA gets new AV-8B & F-15C with Fox-3. Fox-3 also gets added to F-16C. ( Then of course F-14 but we won’t get into that)
Israel gets new F-15C with Fox-3. Fox-3 also gets added to Barak II, but Baz does not get Fox-3??
Where does that leave Baz? Kinda useless…
Also, I like to get my 300% booster daily in assault arcade, now Barak II and Baz Meshupar are 13.0 but air assault is capped at 12.7 so I’m unable to use Fox-3 in that game mode while other nations can?

Got news for you too, the Baz Meshupar is by far the worst 13.0 AMRAAM platform atm, it lacks engine power, TWS, HMS PD and it’s domestic ground ordinance since irl it’s a Multirole compared to the F-15c

Great ahahah. Thanks!