Put the E50 and the E75 paper tank designed by german engineer to replace Panther 2 and tigre 10.5 fake paper plan

That’s the real life Panther II, is it?

I don’t quite see why 6.7. Apparently it has the same engine and transmission as the Panther A/G/F, only the armor is improved (and therefore the tank is heavier with worse mobility).


Same gun, to boot.

Panther II restored at the Boatwright Maintenance Facility in running condition at the Armor Day at Patton Museum in Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1979

It doesn’t get any more real than that.
Now someone needs to make a suggestion post.


I think there already have been suggestions for the Panther II but the one at the Museum isn’t accurate either and gaijin just says no to all for whatever reason which at this point make no real sense anymore

we got so many paper vehicles in the Game now and the E-100 is also in the Game where they just slapped the Maus Turret on it when IRL only chasiss was completed and germany itself didn’t know what to slap on it yet, they were also talks about making an even bigger Jagdtiger and so on i think World of Tanks has some in the Game and by now Gaijin can just add them as well and bring back the Panther II + Tiger II 10.5cm because you can still encounter them anyway in a match

The 10.5 and Panther II aren’t coming back, when they made that blog it was final. For the Panther II irl it would be in a participant since the hull was better armored but the turret was a Panther G. Which is likely why there not adding it.

They are just as unrealistic / unfinished as some other Tanks we still got in the Game, why aren’t those removed?

Name 3 examples. That was not completed in any states, did not run at all, or wasn’t heavily documented on the performance, the calibers to be armed, etc. Oh and wooden mock-ups do not count.

I would like to see the E50, this game is already pure fantasy with a broken MM.

They have nothing to lose.

You aren’t everyone and you aren’t making any valid reasonings for it to be added since it doesn’t exist also a broken MM doesn’t mean jack a broken MM can be fixed adding fictional vehicles that never existed at all besides being a documented rumor at best is not a reason to add them if you want them go play WOT.

I see tanks with snowmobiles stuck on the roof, tanks facing each other from different eras … what harm can a beautiful sketch like E50 do?

Oh my its as if we didn’t use tanks in real life past their periods or nations didn’t use tanks beyond the year they were produced oh no.


The game features an experimental Sturmtiger with the ability to reload in under a minute (physically not possible, no Sturmtiger was ever designed this way, let alone built in metal).

The game features experimental German WW2 tanks capable of rotating the turret at maximum speed even when engine RPM is being used to move the vehicle. This is also physically impossible: no Panther, or Tiger, or Tiger II was ever built in metal with this capability.

The game features a fictional Ferdinand/Elefant without overheating engine issues. In fact when it catches fire due to a round, it can be FPE’d in the same standard time as any other vehicle, where normally at least the engine IRL was more than capable of catching fire on its own.

That was just three examples from the German ground tech tree alone, but if you want, I can give you more without even having to mention the Ho-Ri and other similar examples. Let’s see…

Even the earliest versions of the T-34 in game function like they had a turret basket (can reload with the turret rotated at any angle, which is physically impossible without a turret basket) - that was never planned or built in metal.

They also seem to have an invisible cupola, because they have the same situational awareness and FOV as later Soviet tanks with a visible cupola… Even in simulator.

You ask me how many vehicles in the game are fake, and I’ll tell you: how many vehicles are there in the game in total? 😁

The argument against paper vehicles is simple. A paper vehicle is not constrained by reality the way an IRL vehicle was, because during R&D you often have to make compromises. But in War Thunder, that already happens. We don’t need to run our Ferdinand in CC1 most of the time to avoid the engine exploding.

So from the competitive side of things the issue is completely trivial. Just balance paper vehicles the same way you balance the regular ones. Don’t give them anything too crazy, let their performance set their BR, nerf them if they do too well, and viceversa.

The problem with selective realism is its arbitrary nature. No WT vehicle is realistic, to me. They look and feel real even as we make them break the laws of physics every few seconds. So long as a paper vehicle also looks and feels that way, it’s perfectly fine for me.

Amd make no mistake, it will happen. The game is already starting to lean in that direction. Standards will continue to relax over the years.


It’s a bit more complicated than that. Currently the Maus and E-100 in the game use the Maus V1 turret, but that was never intended to be the final design. The same design trend for the Tiger II and Panther F also applied in this case - designs with flat turret faces were what was being worked towards. Moreover, the placement of the two guns would likely have been vertical rather than horizontal in the end.

More information here: E 100 (Entwicklung 100) - Tank Encyclopedia

If you mean the Jagdpanzer E-100, that design was completely made up by Wargaming.

The only upgrades seriously considered for the Jagdtiger, to my knowledge, were the Sla engine (built in metal and tested, never finished R&D), and a longer-barreled version of the PAK 44 (never built, only sketched). Given the presence of the Sla in game, it is certainly possible that we’ll see a Jagdtiger Sla in game at some point, maybe as an event or battle pass vehicle. The other possible alternative is the first production batch of the original vehicle, which utilises a Porsche suspension.

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Hmm, let’s see Hell Let Loose, Enlisted, Post Scriptum/Squad 1944, WWII online(an oldie but goldie), and Red Orchestra and Rising Storm Let’s see what all these games do oh yes, understand the concept of balancing and not focusing on realism. I am unsure if you understand game development but from what you typed out you don’t. Which is balancing a game for the same enjoyment.
Making a mystical game that is ultra-realistic is surely an enjoyable way to gain a player base.

As all these developers and games similar have stated there is a line where you have to stop and ask yourself what’s better making a game that is so realistic that it’s a real-life simulator for the sake of causing people to not enjoy it which will affect you financially or balance the game and make it enjoyable within reason. Without going overboard on the limitations of what such a thing or battle etc was like.

A prime example is a WW1-themed game related to the trenches which died simply due to it focusing too much on realism losing most of its player base because it became no longer enjoyable.

It’s very, very funny to see you type that. It’s almost as if, in my comment, I explicitly said…

For me, gameplay and balance will always be more important than realism. Why do we have a quick firing Sturmtiger in the game? Because it’s fun to play, and wouldn’t be fun if it had its historical reload or simply could not be in the game. And why do I want to play the Tiger II 105? Because it looks fun to play. Realism be damned. Simple as.

You keep flip flopping between two positions, you can’t have it both ways.

Which is exactly why I’m okay with paper vehicles.

From the Tanks Encyclopedia Jagdtiger entry:

The huge gun left little space for ammunition stowage. Ammunition was stored in the floor and side walls of the casemate and, even using two-piece ammunition, the Jagdtiger could carry just 40 rounds of ammunition. It is not known how many 8.8 cm rounds could have been carried for the vehicles (if any) which were fitted with that caliber gun, although it may not have been many more, as the 8.8 cm ammunition was single piece, which would have made stowage harder and less efficient. One final note on 12.8 cm armament is that at some point another gun between the 12.8 cm L/55 and the L/70 was contemplated. This was also a 12.8 cm gun but had a barrel length of L/66. It was not just the gun which changed either; the entire structure was lower by about 20 cm because of adjustments to the mounts for the gun. With the L/66, the gun projected 4.4 m from the front of the tank but still provided an elevation range of +15 to -7.5.

Modified Jagdtiger with 12.8 cm L/66. Source: Hoffschmidt and Tantum

Sadly there is no information about this proposed modification, but based on the discussion over improving the performance of the L/55, it would likely date to the end of 1943, although some unverified information suggests it was considered as late as November 1944. One additional feature other than the gun and lower casemate is the large box-structure at the back over the engine deck. Unfortunately only this side view is available, so the shape of this box is debatable. From the drawing, it does appear that the engine deck may be slightly shorter than on the production Jagdtiger, although this may simply be a mistake on the drawing as the dimensions are primarily concerned with the front end and not the back.

So all in all, as you see, nothing remotely similar to Wargaming’s designs (which are not paper, but made up entirely by them) and also at the same time not something there is really much information on.

This is a nice suggestion for the american tech tree given that is an american amalgimation of a Panther 2 hull that was later fitted with a turret after doing testing using a turret weight simulator. Whatever Panther 2 German tree could get is whatever version they had in mind when the project got cancelled (which was like 1943 iirc?)

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I think it would use the same turret design more or less, since the only intention with the design was to up-armour the original vehicle, to my knowledge.

You are not everyone else, Gaijin has stated several times already that many of the fake ones were based on ones that existed in some shape or form. If there is no available source for a replacement they will add whatever was likely to be built a prime example is the Ho-Ri. I can tolerate this simply because we know what the armor etc etc. This is why they never added the Ho-Ri “I” or “II” since there is no proof to back these variants up.

Another thing if you enjoy paper vehicles go play World Of Tanks we didn’t come here for premium shells or non-existing vehicles, we came here to play a game about vehicles that are better represented than in other games. Which adds a thing called poopium(this is intentional).

Another thing also one more thing, not one of your essay grade paragraphs was related to the question.

1943, german scientists ->put metal skirts on the panther tanks->solved the reason to place em with a new tank.