Put the E50 and the E75 paper tank designed by german engineer to replace Panther 2 and tigre 10.5 fake paper plan

As someone else (maybe Aegis? Sorry, can’t remember the username) said in a different thread:

The Kronstadt was never built. It was laid down, in the most technical sense, as in the keel was laid down, but the two ships, Kronstadt and Sevastapol, only reached ~10.6% and 11.4% respecticely. That’s about the same a building the basic frame of a tank without even attaching the armor or any of the internal systems, and claiming that it was built.

Every single one of it’s internal systems was either impossible or incredibly behind schedule. The Soviet Union was completely incapable of producing cemented armor of that thickness (The quoted max being 230mm compared to the planned 330mm), resulting in using inferior face hardened armor instead, which would have significantly reduced it’s effectiveness. This is not depicted in game. Also, relatedly, of the tiny amount of armor that was produced, around 30-40% of it was rejected for being under specifications.

The hulls were altered to use the German 15 inch guns and turrets (Bought from the Germans during the MR pact), and this is also not depicted in game. They instead use the originally planned 305mm guns, and neither they nor the turrets they were intended to fit in had a functioning prototype before the ships were cancelled. The same is true for the secondary battery turrets of 152mm and 100mm guns, which were also incomplete. And of course the powerplant, of which not a single turbine was produced, either for these ships or the equally unbuilt Sovetsky Soyuz class.

In terms of the 3 requirements I laid out, the Kronstadt fails two of them. It was beyond the ability of the Soviets to produce, and it’s not an accurate representation of it.

The T-34-100 was completed though? It isn’t at all like the in game Panther II or Tiger II 10.5 which physically could not fit the guns they have with their current set ups.

It physically could not fire the gun without the suspension coming apart, as I recall: that’s why the Soviets gave up on the idea.

That was only a problem on the original tests, with an older 100 mm.

Afterwards a newer 100 mm cannon was developped which did not have nearly as many issues due to lower recoil, to the point that the tank passed trials. It just didn’t go into production because the T-44 and such already existed.

That is the version that we have in WarThunder.

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Ah, thanks for the information. I thought the first and only successful attempt to do that was the Egyptian T-100, with the bespoke superstructure.

The WT wiki actually talks quite a bit about the history of the T-34-100.


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Yes, they were atleast laid down, which is enough for Gaijin to add them, it takes a lot longer to build a boat than a tank

I did come across the Indienpanzer on a hunch after I did some research on the E-50 for a previous thread. I was curious to see where WoT got the idea from. However, the issue with it is the uncertainty about the gun. That link you provided lists 4 possible gun layouts, all of which seem fun (Rapid fire 55mm might be a meme, as would what I can only assume is an autoloaded long 88), but without knowing the barrel length or the ammo specifications, I can’t see how we’d go about implementing it in game. At best, we could try to estimate the barrel and round length from the blueprint, and from that attempt to guess as to the muzzle velocity and thus penetration. But I don’t see any way to figure out the filler amount, rate of fire, even the sight magnification.

I’d probably still like to see it with a bit of solid guesswork, but it is definitely more paper than the E-50, in my opinion.

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I think the T-34-100 was possible but couldn’t fire more then a few round without the entire thing breaking iirc. I’m not saying I defend when they pick and choose to put what vehicle in and what to take out just pointing out the reason why they said they were doing it.

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Speaking of that, do you have any good recommendation for where to read more about the E-50 and E-75 projects? Tank Encyclopedia hasn’t gotten around to them yet, I think.

Which ones? Cause let’s see. Type-4 Chi-To and Type-5 Chi-Ri have photographic and video recording proof of their existence.

Chi-Ha Long Gun has several real images of existing, and so does the Chi-Ha Short Gun.

Ho-Ri proto gun is still at the same place irl, although very little ->Public info is known about how many chassis were under construction, as the is stored away from public view unless you are an advisor or historian.

So really the only ones that do not truly exist are the R2Y2 V1->V3.
V1 could as there was a rumor of Japan planning to make the R2Y1 real but little is known.

Sadly, I didn’t come up with much on a basic Google search. Just the basics. Enough to satisfy my curiosity as to what it’s specs would likely be, nothing more.

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in the game it is not possible due to the rangefinder that the developers gave him, although he did not plan to have one

Technically, the Panther 2 did exist.

Yes, but not the Panther II that is/was in the game.


Any news from the RU forum? How is the discussion going there?

Passed to developers

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Standartpanzer prototype as filler before leopard?

As far as I’m aware, the Europanzer/Leopard prototypes are too similar to the Leopard in characteristics to be placed at such a low BR. The weakest would be armed with a 90mm gun of unknown specifications, but retain the Leopard excellent top speed and HP/t (Around 20, depending on estimates). Assuming the gun had some form of HEAT or high pen APDS (Which is very likely, given the date of development), it would probably be around 7.0/7.3 depending on the gun.

They’d still be good additions (7.3 could use a new mobile medium), and the C design in particular looks very wacky, with 4 linked 6 cylinder engines @ 1500 HP total, and a TURM style autoloaded gun. That would likely be a much higher tier though.

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