Put the E50 and the E75 paper tank designed by german engineer to replace Panther 2 and tigre 10.5 fake paper plan

I Hope one day Gaijin put the real Panther II with better armor than the Panther F, a 75 mm gun and a tigre engine.

Replace the actual panther II with the E50 paper tank, same caracteristic than the panther II but with a tiger II H turret and the 88 gun.

Replace the actual Tiger 10.5 with the E75 paper tank with more angled armor and a 10.5 gun. I Think with these change the german tree Will be really cool for those who prefer play ww2 Battle…

Hope one day it happen so every body can play those beautiful tank reworked and not only the player before 2019. On addition it will be more history accuracy, without breaking the balance cause these tank are not cheat in 7.0.

Sorry for my english and have a good game!




If you’re asking for paper tanks that were never built to any capacity you should go play World of Tanks. The Tiger II (105) and Panther II were removed because they never existed.

Which people keep coming and asking for vehicles that had even less chance of coming into existence.


why do you have a problem with half of russias tech tree?

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I knew this was going to be a garbage fire before even commenting…

Yes, Russian production has never been able to meet their development. But they at least construct prototypes which is enough to become an addition.

The E series tanks never existed in real life and only existed on paper. Which means they’re never going to be added.


you must be fun at parties

That is simply not true at all.

E 100 had aprototype tho. And the very concept of the E series now shows that technically speaking around 40-70% of the parts of all E series have been produced.

Considering we have tanks like the Obj 906 in the game which is around the same level of completion if you go by actual sources and not Gaijin inspired ones.
But that is just hairspliting. All I did was make a joke.


I can give you the E-100, it had the husk of its hull built, which is why it’s in game. The E-75 and E-50 never had a chance though.

The German war effort was already failing and they were grasping at straws for a wonder weapon. Which only wasted development and materials they could have used to hold on slightly longer.

Otherwise have fun with yourself I guess. Go play World of Tanks.


I don’t Want to play World of tanks i just want paper tank that never been product on war thunder cause i love the idea to have fun with another thing than my 2 Tiger and my panther F. You’re not ok with that its fine buddy but don’t talk me about this shitty world of tank.

And I’m so frustrated that some people have tanks that I could never try cause it war removed for player after 2021. Thats why i propose à rework of those tanks…

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You can ask for the vehicles removed to be readded in events like the Maus.

But what you’re asking for goes against what the developers and almost all of the established player base believe where the game should go.


An other alternative remove it for every body…

Hm, i like that. MAN prot

I think it may be as event for once.

You want to replace paper tanks with… Paper tanks? No. (I’m all for adding more stuff to Warthunder but I also don’t want it to be become total fantasy like some other tank game…)


I want to replace fake paper plan with real paper plan… I can Understand your opinion and im not against but in these case they should remove the Panther II and the Tiger 2 10.5 for every body.

I doubt they will do that. It would make a lot of people very angry to remove vehicles from the game completely (Myself included, I have the Tiger 2 10.5).

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So if you have it why i cannot have it to? its really unfair that player begin the game after 2021 Will never have the possibility to play with those cool tank…

Thats why i propose à rework, readd the same model or delete it. So every body play the same game

They removed the tanks from new player access because the tanks were not historical. It was not the vision Gaijin had for the future. These tanks (Tiger 2 10.5, Panther II, Coelian/Flakpanzer 341, and the Maus) were removed in update 1.91 “Night Vision” on Sept 11 2019. All the tanks except the Maus were removed because they weren’t historically accurate (no full prototypes, I think the Coelian was the closest with a wooden turret mockup). The Maus was removed because it was too difficult to balance, apparently. That’s why Gaijin brings back the Maus but not the others. I would link to the original forum posts where it was discussed why (by Gaijin reps) but the forums were redid semi recently and I think old posts got dropped. It’s touched in some part in This Dev QnA, and the official dev blog is here . The devs just don’t want paper tanks in the game simple as.


Hah Ha Ha no. E-50 and E-75 never existed, as in never completed nor produced. Even the Ho-Ri and R2Y2 V1 are more realistic as the R2Y2 is someone’s depiction of what a jet bomber iteration of what an R2Y would look like.

The Ho-Ri has a lot of real-life proof of its existence however information on whenever it was produced in any state is very limited since cough cough documentation and projects of the sort went to the fire bin and chances are if it did exist in any state was A scrapped as fast as possible, 2 thrown in a river, or 3. Decoration.

The Coelian had a wooden turret, hull was built, the Panther II was just a hull, a functional one just no turret. Since that project was basically scrapped once a said designer realized that adding metal skirts was easier and cheaper then producing a new tank.