Put the E50 and the E75 paper tank designed by german engineer to replace Panther 2 and tigre 10.5 fake paper plan

No, it is unobtainable now.

You just taught me something, I didn’t know it was so common. Ok so its the Logic of this game…

I give up and to return to the main subject i just hope that one day they will develop the prototypes previously mentioned

Wanna say why it isn’t?


What are you trying to show?

There was a partially completed hull, which is enough for Gaijin.

Yes, but that is not what he said.

No. The Panther II as seen in Bovington is not and has never been combat capable with the Panther G turret. It’s simply there as a display item.

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Im refering to the Panther 2 hull with Panther G turret at Fort Brenning. Unless it has been moved to Bovington thats where it still sits.

At some point it received a turret after they got it at the Aberdeen proving grounds

Wether it was ever combat capable idk nor did i claim it was, but they did test it before putting the Panther G turret to it.

Fort Benning, my bad… I literally visited the place last year and saw that Panther IRL. Two tank museums starting with “B” does strange things to my head.

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It was however tested and tried with the Panther G turret in the Aberdeen proving grounds give or take. Since typically that’s what happens. Before something goes to display if it does at all.

The problem is that gaijn, will add paper ships or unfinished ones, and everyone is aware of this because a ship is not a tank and there are very few of them, imagine a situation where the Germans only have a bismarck and they have to fight against the yamato, everyone knows that you have to add invented ships to the war Thunder, and you can already see it in the USSR, And you have to wait for the tanks until they run out.

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I’m waiting for a message from gaijn to say that in the new update, he is removing half of the Japanese tree because it is impossible to confirm if these vehicles existed, that would be ridiculous.

Last time it was sold it went for $54.99 usd and sold 200 units on each platform (600 in total) that’s hardly “whale” pricing.

The e100 was also never “sold” it’s a tournament reward from 2016, which explains why it’ll not be making a reappearance. Granted it was “sold” via the marketplace for a time for between $500-1000 but those sales and prices were done by private owners and gaijin has no control over their sale/price. So…not really a “whale” example either.

I wasnt aware of the smoke grenades though, that’s nifty, thing’s been modeled and in game longer then smoke grenade have been a thing so means they went back and added them in.

I do know it’s the only german vehicle that can equip the standard “american” flag though (unless this was also updated) and used to cause some havoc in sim battles back when it was just the big 3 nations.

I 100% agree. I also think it’s why Leo1 was criminally undertiered at 7.3 for years.

I also have a very different outlook to blueprints than most of the community, but I’m not going to rehash that here. The biggest problem with the Panther II and Tiger 105 as they are in game is not that they were never built, but that they were never even designed like that: they are Gaijin inventions.

Yeah. I play German 6.7 a lot and I’ve been seeing them almost every game. If I could buy them in marketplace, or unlock them in an annoying grindy event, or whatever, I would not hesitate. Even as I think their designs should be replaced with more grounded variants, still on a more basic “just having fun” level I would obviously love to have them and play them.

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Back to this again, from a paper perspective there’s the design work done in the early 1950s, which culminated in the cancelled Indien-Panzer project: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar-westgermany-indien-panzer/

Nah, as a grandfathered in german main i do not support new players getting acces to any sort of vehicle like the panther 2 and tiger 2 105.

Mine, mine i tell you!!!

But in all seriousness this would be unessesary right now and would go against them vowing not to add any more paper and fake vehicles. Ecxept for when they replaced the coelian with an even more fake tank, And gave the sidam 25 mistral an extra set of missiles, and added the radpanzer 90 with a working turret(which it never had), etc all after they removed the panther 2 and tiger 2 105.

But dont worry the WILL run out of real vehicles. So world of thunder will happen at some point.


I think the real issue is that they weren’t even possible. The 105 or the 88 couldn’t actually fit into the Tiger2 and panther.

I’d actually love a Panther 2 with the 75 and a good transmission.

Yes, although the same is true of the T-34-100, which is still in game. And the Maus is somehow miraculously able to move under its own power for more than 50 metres at a time.

To be more specific, Gaijin conflated several different proposals, the real Panther II which they merged with the proposal to upgun the Panther F with a KwK43 and a revised Schmalturm (widened turret ring, revised trunnions), plus a bunch of non-specific additions (like the night vision devices, which operational Panthers could use already).

As for heavies, this page is an interesting read, with in particular tons of information about the Maus, Maus II, E-100, and Tiger-Maus (the sanest of them all): https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/category/ww2-german-heavy-tank-prototypes/

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What Ships are paper? as far as im aware, all of the ships in game had part of the hull atleast built, the difference between building ships and other vehicles is very big.