Put the E50 and the E75 paper tank designed by german engineer to replace Panther 2 and tigre 10.5 fake paper plan

Have thy managed to summon me

I hate to burst any bubble you have there but… both of those classes were laid down and there are photos of the keels of the H-39’s. As for the Lions they also were laid down but construction paused on them and their aren’t any photos of their keels but I would imagine it probably was the result of the same restrictions where the British only released little to no information at the time like with Vanguard. That being said their are photos of the 16 inch guns intended for them, though in the case of if Lion was ever added they have two options which is going with the finalized design before they let the designers escalate the design to absurd degrees or they add one of those wartime designs that were drawn up.

In any case if neither of those classes had ever been built my suggestions on both would have never been approved and I made both of them back in 2021 on the old forums, and the moderators are required to make sure you aren’t making the whole thing up btw.

(The last link includes an image of one of the 16 inch guns for the Lion class)

Also for anyone who is wondering to what extent gaijin is willing to go with incomplete vehicles (based on what is or has been permitted in the suggestions) its very very generous as all it needs is to have parts of it even incomplete parts meant for that one singular vehicle, the suggestion which I had made in the past (and might remake at some point) in terms of ships who really push the interpretation of those rules which had actual things for it was Gascone which only had materials gathered to build the ship but was never assembled even into a keel because of Frances lack of dry-docks that could build of a ship of its size. But going by using Gascone in terms of ships as an example of how it merely had materials gathered in preparation for building the ship while waiting for Jean Bart to be completed, what isn’t permitted is if the stuff a class would have used was built but their wasn’t ones that were build for a ship of that class in particular, so taking the Montana class which was never laid down used weapons all found on the Iowa class, that is not allowed because no guns were built for a ship of the Montana class.

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I’m sure that’s going to will sit well with The Old Guard and WT veterans in the game.


But what gift would please the players that lose them?

Since everyone plays and invests very differently from one another how would they not annoy even more people? This would set a dangerous precedent for actual removal rather than blocked for future players, who all have access to 1000s of vehicles just like yourself. Germany got trounced in WWII and so just have to accept they will get a limit in their in game vehicles after that war.

Many vehicles, a lot more than these three, in this game are also missable, but that is how it is.

Again, I understand your premise but there is no value in something you dont own, there is also no value in something you can’t sell because no one is willing to pay the price that is being asked.

Moreover a lot of these tanks arent necessarily enjoyable to play. The E100 while cool is not something many people will enjoy playing as well as dozens of other vehicles.

I have several rare an unobtainable vehicles in the game, (e.g. Tu-2) and gues how many battles it has in the 11 years I have had it…7.

It’s stupid to horde vehicles based on perceived value when they should be opened up to everyone during events.

I’m not in favor of the e75 or the e50, but wouldn’t saying that the Tiger 2 and Panther 2 duo were removed because they didn’t exist and then put Kronshtadt in the game be hypocrisy?

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Kronstadt was an extreme case of the USSR not being able to produce any modern battleships because they lacked the production capacity to actually progress them.

I’m also not arguing in favor of it or any other ship that only had production started before being cancelled. Any nations that didn’t have post treaty ships close to completion should skip to cold war. Otherwise that’s up to you to bring it up with Escargot.

The difference between the Tiger 105 and Panther 2 compared to Kronstadt is that the former vehicles in-game were for the Tiger 105 a design that never got further than sketches and the Panther 2’s model was unhistorical which didn’t even exist on paper and was a Frankenstein born from mixing up information. By comparison Kronstadt was partially built and in-game is modeled based on actual designs that were approved for construction, and they actually existed. In other words the Tiger 105 is a complete paper design and the Panther 2 was removed because it was modeled incorrectly (by a lot) rather than it being a vehicle that wasn’t completed or even existed (since the hull very much still exist) so no it’s not hypocrisy. Not to mention gaijin does bend their rules when they see it fit or rather necessary like with the F-16AJ, they don’t hide it.


When a game remove something its for every body there is just on WT you can have tank that only some player can have cause they was here at the good Time for grind it and other player will never have it and thats for ever? I would like there is more event to equilibrate this mechanic but there is not for old vehicle, just the Maus come back.

And i say it will be better to delete it than leave in this state only for fairness. The worst possibility is to delete it, i prefer they rework it or 2cnd better option put it back in the curent state but for every body.

if you want to keep tank for only a part of the community and not share it with every body just cause they was here before and thats why they have the privilege to smash your Ass with the fun 105 gun tigre but lot of other player Will never be able to test it, for a game it make nonsense for me and for the fun and it’s also a competitive nonsense.

Put it back or remove it but stop hypocrisy and the beautiful story of historical precision when I encounter those vehicle at each game

I missed the top tier German vehicles because I didn’t play them back them. Am I mad? No, not really. The people who earned it should be allowed to keep it and it’s getting annoying constantly seeing keep asking to ruin it for everyone else for your own ego.


Well said, I think a good example is how when everyone talks about it the event for the IS-7 was fairly hard (honestly it wasn’t for me but I had time and did spend money on it because I did the stupid thing of getting into too much custom battles to succeed in get it for free so there is that), would it be fair for it to come back in a event that would be easier to do while those who originally got it had to put a lot of time into it. I’m not opposed to past event vehicles becoming available again in events but I don’t think that with how many are in the game it should be so simple to get a particular one nor do I think you could easily get through reruns of event vehicles in one event unless you threw them into crates which would only guarantee you it’s one you don’t have. Heck the game has been buggy enough to where I can’t play so I can’t get the Tog at this point, am I annoyed, well absolutely and in the back of my head I wish it somehow was extended to make up for lost time whenever the issue is fixed (whenever that happens), but I’m not going to go out of my way and cry about it.

I’ve been saying this for at least 5 years.
Since when we used the old forum.

Ok, then we also have to remove 25% of the event rewards including the Sturmtiger and the Tog II, as soon as the event is over and all the twitch drop vehicles…

You are seriously asking for them to take away what others have unlocked, just because you are jealous of them.

Mate, I’m technically on your side, I want to see the E-50 and E-75 in game too. So take this in the spirit it’s intended.

Stop trying to make the ultimatum that either the E-50/75 make it into the game, or people lose out on vehicles they already own.

It’s a false equivalence, it’s not something that’s ever going to happen, and quite frankly it’s just going to alienate people.

Instead, simpy push for the far more real analogues to make it into the tech tree, thereby allowing you to play vehicles with very similar performance. You’re far more likely to succeed at this, and especially if you garner support from player rather than threaten them or weakly claim victimhood.


You can buy the sturmtiger with golden eagle it’s not hidden in the tree. Of course im jealous to don’t test the hidden tree vehicle. Thats why i don’t want hidden mechanic and don’t understand it. I’m against the fact removing vehicle and against to hidding it too.

i just want everybody have the same opportunity no matter which year you start the game.

I think lot of people don’t undestand what i really want but anyway. Lets focus on the E50 and the E75 cause like we said it will fit really well in the br 6.7-7.0.

And they have incredible style. I could spend hours looking at them in the shed x)

The Sturmtiger can no longer be bought. It was available a year ago for an event just like the TOG II is now and whoever missed that can’t get it.

If everybody could get any vehicle, there would be no incentive to play/pay during events.

That’s sad it would have been cool to leave it available. Thats just what i say from the begining for every vehicle. no more…

The US M4A2 has this now as well.


And this is exactly what makes collectibles collectibles.

The sturmtiger can be sell on the market?